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3 Simple Ways of Easily Handling USB Cables

This article aims to make your life easier, I would go through some the things that is going to make it simpler for you to interact with your USB devices and keep your laptop/desktop, TV and other appliances free of scratches, wear and tear caused by using the USB connectors and adapters.

It’s time to move into something known as a reversible USB cable wire. Most of the times our USB ports in the car or the desktop PCs are not placed conveniently for access and we end up spending a whole lot of time and energy by swearing at it if you plug in and remove your USB cable a couple of times in a day trying to place the USB cable in the right direction to suit the port we are trying to plug into.

Due to this factor, the USB-C has made its way onto the latest Apple Laptop, the MacBook 2015. Which allows you to plug in your cable in any direction into the USB port. They are designed to be reversible and you do not have to be careful about the right direction of the USB cable to get your devices connected. Whether, the plug is placed “up-side down” or in whichever position long as it is facing the USB Port you are all set to connect your device.

Although, most of the users like myself who had purchased a laptop last year would not prefer to buy an all new laptop just for the purpose of an easy to use USB cable. Instead, I would look for alternative way of making my life easier by using the same device but using method that can actually make my life easier. So let’s go through some of the way that can make our lives easier by making it simpler and convenient for us by handling the USB cables easily and more efficiently.

Putting a Mark on your USB Cable

Cable 3

The simplest, fastest, cheapest and the easiest way to make any USB cable suitable for use is to add a mark on top of the cable. The mark should be on the plastic part of the cable and not the metal part which might affect the connection between the cable and the port.

A little red mark on top of the USB cable would help you remember that whether it is the top side or the bottom one. All you need to remember is “Red Side Up” and you are all set for the easy life.

You might start thinking, if this is such as easy way why don’t cable manufacturers actually add a marker while they are manufacturing these cables. Well, the simplest answer to this question is that not all the ports and cables are oriented in the same manner. Rather, some ports would not agree to you “Red Side Up” terminology and you might end up getting even more confused. But, yeah if you use a particular cable for plugging into specific ports then this is the best pick for you.

Get Reversible Cables!


I am sure 90% of the people reading this might not even have an idea about this one but ladies and gentleman, this method also exists. Although, they recently came like a blazing fire into the market, since people saw how convenient the USB-C port was on the MacBook and a couple of Chinese people went running into their company and made these cables, just kidding 😀

Now all the cables before the USB Type-C of course are now available for sale on EBay and Amazon for as low as $5 and there is a wide variety of cables available in the market. Ranging from the mini USB cables that are being used in smartphones to the bigger USB cables that used to be compatible with a wide range of products including external hard drives, mice and keyboards.


Add an Adapter

FeaturesNow, if you are too honest to your USB cable and you don’t place on ditching it for a replacement that would just help you choose the right side of plugging your cable into the port every single day then you might consider this option. Adding a reversible cable adapter would help solve this issue by simply adding an adapter you would have the right kind of cable for making your life simpler.

These adapters would cost a little more than that of the 2nd option but they help you keep your own cable and that does help in certain situations. For example, if you have a blackberry or any related devices they don’t charge as good on a cable that does not come within the original box, so yeah, it would be more suitable for you to keep the same cable and get an adapter instead.

These adapters are going to appear in the market by the next few weeks and will be available for almost $15 for a pack of 3 adapters, which is pretty cheap for the hassle it protects you from.

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