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3 Californias – Billionaire plan to split California in 3 parts passes first hurdle

Meanwhile, the world was busy covering the Trump and Kim meeting, the entirety of California known as a state having mountains and desert can come to an end next year. A controversial plan has been qualified for the Nov 6 ballot.

The decision depends upon the majority of the voters who will decide the fate of California. If the voters agree to split California into three parts through majority then a long process will start to force the government to make 3 parts out of California.

In 1863 West Virginia was also given the status of a new state after the independence of America. This will be the 2nd time in history that the voters will decide the formation of 3 new states out of California.

There are many benefits of splitting California into 3 parts since the government will be able to provide better infrastructure, lower taxes, and good education. The ballot was sponsored by Tim Draper who is a Silicon Valley capitalist. The approval of the splitting plan for the November 6 ballot means the clearance of the very first hurdle for Tim.

The splitting of California is in accordance with the constitution of The United States of America. according to the article 4 section 3 of the USA constitution, an existing state can be divided into new states. Now, the Tim Draper plans to call for the formation of three parts out of one.

California has been proposed to be divided into Northern and Southern and Central California. Tim Draper argues that the vast land of California is being poorly governed by representative government, the breaking of it geographically will aid the administrative control.

Critics argue that some of the more poor parts of California will suffer due to their separation into a new state. The entirety of California will do more better economically than split versions.

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