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29 states sue Trump for climate change recalcitrance

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Donald Trump and his American Dream of making America Great Again is facing yet another challenge, the 29-states-challenge. According to the latest developments, some 29 states have sued Donald Trump because of his recalcitrance regarding the climate change issue. These states believe that Donald Trump has a hand in reviving the coal fired power plants. It is worth mentioning that Donald Trump had rescinded the Paris Climate Agreement which was signed in 2016 and member states of UN had provided theirĀ Nationally Determined Contribution along with the US. COP21 (21st Conference of Parties) holds an importance in this regard as Paris Climate Agreement under the auspice of UNFCC, United Nations was presented as a multi-lateral treaty.

The 29-states suing Trump are looking forward towards a comprehensive federal policy regarding the carbon print of the United States. These states want the government to foresee the inevitability of the climate change as a global issue. Trump was pretty keen to rescind any deal which Obama had made in the past, Paris Climate Agreement and JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Iran) were the treaties of the Obama era. Trump was pretty quick to take an exit in an attempt to usher the USA into a ‘Trumpian era’.

In case, the justices decide to give decision in the favour of Trump, then it would be difficult for the future presidents to overthrow such a strong precedent. Definitely it’s a hard task at hands of the judiciary of USA. The entire situation also shows a schism between the blue states (Democratic) and the red states (Republicans), as blue states are more focused on the climate change problem while the red states are more focused on the industrial growth.

The new lawsuit, filed in the United States Court of Appeals, targets the E.P.A’s ignorance towards the greenhouse gases after the Trump administration’s policy Affordable Clean Energy Rule. The lawsuit claims that the new energy policy would extend the life of coal fired power plants which would mean more pollution. The Affordable Clean Energy is a replacement of the Obama’s Clean Power Plan. The difference between the two lies in the source, Trump administration focuses more on using technology to lessen the carbon footprint while Obama administration in the past focused on using gas, solar or wind energy.

It’s worth noting that Obama’s plan was not defended in the Supreme Court, when 28 Republican-led (Red states) challenged the measure in SC and the judge ruled in their favour by suspending the Obama’s plan. California along with Massachusetts, Colorado, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and the District of Columbia have joined the lawsuit.

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