25yo woman calls police on her parents investigating her about video games spending

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Playing video games is often deemed as a good and creative activity. Many people claim that playing games or video games in addition to regular work, trains the mind of a person to think fast. However, there must not be any extravagance involved. Everything must be done in total harmony and balanced way. This 25yo woman called police on parents who tried to investigate her for her spending regarding video games.

Bizarre 911 call made police of Ontario urge people not to waste police precious time

This strange 911 call made the police department of Ontario to ask people educate their children for not calling police on petty problems. This happened after the police department received a call on Dec 27. This was made by a 25yo woman. She was upset with her parents. The reason being, the parents were investigation her for possible extra spending on video games. The parents wanted a figure of money which she spent on the video games.

The woman didn’t like her parents inquiring her about the money. She lost her temper and to vent out her anger she decided to call the police. She didn’t think much about the repercussions of the matter. Instead, she preferred to involve police in letter and spirit. The OPP demanded all the parents and caregivers to speak to their children. They want that the parents educate them the importance of police and the definition of an emergency situation. The police thought that calling police in petty things was a wastage of state resources.

The police officer said that an average call required 30 minutes for the police officials to show up at the situation. When such calls were not an emergency ones then it took police officers away from the more pressing concerns. Police had earlier sent a similar reminder when a 9yo girl called police simply because she was mad at her parents who asked her to clean room.

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