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24yo woman fakes terminal cancer to fund her partying lifestyle

Hanna Dickenson, 34, Melbourne Australia, faked having terminal cancer before scamming money from friends of her family has been jailed for merely three months.

She accepted $31K USD after telling parents that she needed the money for medical treatment expenditures overseas.

Her parents out of panic started collecting donations from their friends, which mentioned in a court hearing. The court also heard that Dickenson blew that money on holiday and socializing.

A judge seemed quite angry as he called her scam ‘despicable’.

Her case was heard in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court. She pleaded guilty to seven charges of obtaining property by deception.

During the sentencing, Magistrate David Starvaggi said that she had ‘engaged in conduct that tears the very heartstrings of human nature.’

‘People’s desire to assist and social trust has been breached. These are people who worked hard and dug into their own pockets,’ he said.

During the case, it was mentioned in the proceedings that one person donated 10K Australian dollars after being discharged from hospital following his own battle with cancer.

Another person donated money on four different occasions.

She was caught when a donor raised suspicions with police after seeing Dickenson’s pictures posted on Facebook, in which she was seen having a holiday blast.

Dickenson’s lawyer, Beverley Lindsay, requested leniency and requested that her jail time should be spared because she had ‘turned her life around.’

She also mentioned the ‘Belle Gibson case’ in which the defendant was fined 410K Australian dollars last year after falsely claiming to have won the battle against brain cancer. She compared her client’s case with it and said her client’s offense was less severe than Gibson’s in nature.

However, she also mentioned that both of the cases are of different nature and not directly comparable.

The lawyer also mentioned that her client is likely to appeal the sentence in a higher forum.

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