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24yo mom was texting and driving as she struck two teen girls and killed them, accidentally!

Written by Wamiq Ali

An Ohio woman got indicted for texting while driving crash which killed two teenage students. She has been charged with manslaughter & evidence tampering. She was texting behind the wheel when the accident happened.

Natasha Boggs, 24-year-old, was arrested after she hit two girls aged 14 and 15-year. The court heard the case and gave the decision against the driver, Natasha Boggs. She was driving in her 1999 Ford Escort when she lost the control and struck three teens on Main Street in Coventry Township.

Two teens were killed, Taylor Galloway of Akron and Amber Thoma of Coventry Township. The third teen was a 15yo boy who received severe injuries as a result of the impact but his life was saved in the hospital. The teens were walking on the right side of the road and they had no idea about the upcoming tragedy.

Cops had proper evidence of Boggs texting while driving. Due to the strong evidence of texting during the drive, the court gave the verdict against the woman. There were things done on the smartphone after the accident. There was a fourth boy who was walking with the group, but he escaped and remained unharmed.

Teen who died in the accident

A neighbour also reported that the teen girls often used to walk on foot on the road. GoFundMe campaigns were launched for Thoma and Galloway to facilitate their burial. The teens were eighth-graders and were about to graduate from Coventry Middle School.

The judge set her bond to $150,000 for Natasha Boggs. 

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