23yo Filipino woman who married 71yo pensioner ignores critics calling her ‘mail order bride’

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Marriage is an important decision which is often taken after a deep consideration. However, the story of this couple which married without considering a huge age gap between them is quite unconventional. Most couples want to marry each others if they are of the same age. This 23yo woman from Philippines fell in love with a 48-year-older than her pensioner. The guy age is 71 years and he also fell in love with the Filipino woman after he met her online.

Housewife, Lorie fe Dales from Philippines was approached by this retired business owner, Thomas Greig, 71, from Wallasey Wirall on Facebook. This happened on Facebook and the retired guy didn’t know that he might fell in love with the woman. He had fallen for her looks, after having a look at her pictures he knew he had a crush on her. Later, he recalled this as a love at first sight. Lorie was a little worried when she got approached by Wirall. In the beginning, she was a little skeptical about their age difference. However, after going through some talk sessions she understood that both of them had a lot of things common in their personality.

The romance got a sudden uplift when he visited Lorie and proposed her to make her his wife. He stayed their for few months after he arrived in December 2014. They had married each other in the January 2015. Eighteen months later, after Lorie became pregnant, they welcome their baby daughter in the world. They often have to communicate via Skype but despite all the odds they believe that they are a happy family.

Lorie says that her family has accepted the marriage but there are some outsiders who call her a mail-order bride. Often she faces people criticising her with phrases like Greig has bought himself a young wife.

Thomas has to travel to Philippines every year and there he lives with his family for a period of five months. She is quite positive for sake of her husband. Regarding her choice she has said the following lines.

For him it was a love of first sight and to me that time I didn’t really love him yet, but I was attracted to him though. He was attracted to my cuteness and I liked his blue eyes the most. For us age is just a number; it is a question of ‘mind over matter’, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter – that’s our saying. (said Lorie while describing her experience with Greig)

She said that her relationship wasn’t that easy however she still survived. The couple plans to give best to their daughter and therefore they don’t pay much heed to the critics.

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