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A yearbook is something meant to maintain the record. Publishing the senior/junior year batch photos with the record of their activities. A high school yearbook mostly contains a majority of topics like sports, clubs and other major school events. The staff of the yearbook, which is considered to maintain it, is chosen with different criteria in different schools, mostly keeping the senior class in loop.

These yearbook photos certainly had the senior batch involvement and thus a thug like attitude was pulled off into them, just because who cares when you’re about to leave the place. I remember when it was my time, I hadn’t done anything brutal like this but kids of present know quite well what they want to show of themselves as a human. Since the school year is coming to an end, so we are watching some insane number of funny and savage yearbook quotes being published on the internet.

These kids know how to quote something savage in yearbook so people remember them very well, even around the globe. These are by far the best quotes which we could find on the internet.

Finally, the last name pays off to this dude:

A lot of students had pulled off some great gay jokes but our eyes got stuck to this particular dude.

When too much study accustoms you to different flavours of life.

What does “Sapnu Puas” means, definitely a quick google might help you understand the joke.

Alright, we don’t want you to get off our site. Great?

This guy below is a legend, he knows what are the bounds and limits.

Alexus pulling of some jokes on her parents!

There were a lot of people in the school’s yearbook who loved to quote Drake. One instance we’re adding in here!

This man below is a nerd, he knows how to pull off something secretly. We being accustomed to Morse code knew at once what he meant.

People who don’t understand More code, let us lend you a hand, he means “F*ck this”. You can quick search a Morse code chart to help you translate his meaning.

This girl tried her best to listen to her mum, but technically she failed her.

This dude is savage and he speaks for whole men tribe.

These students decided to pull off a combined title.

Oh! this girl knows what she wants.

It’s what we choose, we have in life.

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