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2018 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Written by Wamiq Ali

If you are one of the fans of the seventies when it comes to cars and their shapes then this new upcoming model of Chevrolet Chevelle is best for you in terms of reminding you of old is the gold proverb. This Chevrolet Chevelle SS concept is going to be soon on roads. I am sure that all the gearheads are already aware that this popular model is soon going to be released just to revive the old 70s. Actually, Chevrolet plans to get this model with some good modifications onto the roads and showrooms.

But you must be aware that whatsoever we are sharing here it’s kind of a concept and isn’t available commercially at the moment. This car hasn’t been yet officially announced by the company so anything presented here is in the domain of gossip at the moment.

The front – The front of this concept car has been given an exotic look it has an interesting resolution instead of that usual old look and the grill has been extended. There is a thin line below the hood line where daytime running lights are installed. The better shape with better aerodynamics provides this car with an amazing modern look.

A possible concept of the new car

The Interior – The Cabin of this concept model is great and spacious and innovative in design, there are some details which are present and taken from the old Camaro, the main inside features are actually original for this car. The inside cabin is quiet beautiful but is hard enough for the safety of passengers and the driver at high speeds. Because obviously will come with Bluetooth, MP3 and multimedia system. It will have USB ports, auxiliary output and a better sound system.

The expected interior of the car

The engine – The engine will be available in two variants, there will be a 2.0-litre engine with 294 horsepower and the second option will be of 3.3-litre engine with 6 cylinders, quite stronger than the prior versions. After keeping in view the size of this new concept model which is set to be released by Chevrolet it is safe to assume that this car will have a good economy but we cannot predict it unless the car is made official by the company. The expected starting price for the car can be around dollar 30000 which is quite favourable for working class and people like you and me can buy it easily.


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  • The writer of this article is not a car guy and doesnt know what their talking about, the pic above is a 69 with modern touches, the front end is as close as you can get without doing the same thing, the side profile has the same lines and the rear quarter window comes to a point not blocky, the rear has same looking taillights and general look, The pic above is the only concept pic that looks any good, the rest look like shit either look space aged or some Bull shit. I am 31 years old and my first car was a 1969 chevelle non ss but had a built 396 and Th400. If they use the pic above as the design they will have plenty of sales and won’t be scratching their heads going what the fu##, this design is very close to a 1969 chevelle and would be a big hit like the challenger has been. Hopefully Chevrolet won’t mess this up, to many people have been waiting a long time, 2004 Was when the first concept came out they used a holden monaro/ gto and made it look like a chevelle, in hot rod magazine

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