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20 Tons of Nutella stolen in Germany and surprisingly thief gets away with it!

Someone’s craving for Nutella got out of the hand and thus he decided to steal all the good stuff in Germany. Police in Germany is currently searching for a guy who stole 20 tons of Nutella worth €50,000 –  €70,000. The thief is also reported to be taken a number of Kinder Surprise Eggs.

20 ton of Nutella? That is a lot of amount, definitely a single person can’t eat this all and we aren’t yet sure about the motives of the thief. Since the guy can’t consume this much amount on this own so the Police are asking individuals to report anyone exporting some large amount of sweet Nutella. The guy can also open the jars and pull out all the Nutella for further trade, options are unlimited.

Nutella is an Italian brand which specializes in the production of sweet hazelnut cocoa spread. The Nutella became quite popular in teens and adults. It was first introduced in 1965. Now, this robbery surely says a lot about Nutella love.

This isn’t the first robbery of its own type, prior to this a man was given eight year prison time for stealing $18.7 million worth of maple syrup. So, stealing eatables is not something new, that too in huge amounts. Earlier this year a Mexico thief stole around 1,700 lb of the barbecue pit.

I guess, these crimes collectively can make up one hell of a party and Nutella spread on top of bread? Wow, this is a great combination and that too in unlimited quantity? Guess what, I am gonna bring out a Nutella jar from my refrigerator.

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