20 common misconceptions that humans believe till death

Let me tell you a simple fact, everything which you are being told is not true. We grow up from our childhood listening to number of things told by our elders which we takes to be true without any argument or sometimes it is being fed to our mind as some scary fact so that we don’t answer is credibility. Some people believes these facts to be  true for their whole life and die without knowing the truth and some people are just lucky enough to found the true facts behind these misconceptions. There are number of common misconceptions which are supposed to be true. Here is some of those misconception.

We use 10 % of our brain:

It is very common misconception lies among us that we only uses 10 % part of our brain. Logically this can’t make any sense because the brain is very energetic part which although weighs few pound but its energy requirements are as much as 20 %of our whole body. After absorbing this much energy, one can’t think of a brain to be 10 % functional.

Shaving thickens your hair:

Another misconception which we believe to be true is that shaving the hair which are grown over any part of body thickens them. This is again a misconception because shaving has no effect or whatsoever on thickness or rate of growth on your hair because the outer part of our hair or follicle is already dead.

Not to swallow gum:

It is another misconception fed to children to refrain them from swallowing the chewing gums is that it stays in our stomach for 7 years. Although it can’t be digested like other things but it passes on to our intestines as intact.

Nails and hair grow after death:

Another common misconception which we supposed to be true is that our hair and fingernails continue to grow even after our death. For this to be true “dead person” must be eating and getting all the nutrients from the food which are necessary to grow the nails and hair which can’t be fulfilled by a dead person. However then after dying the skin of a person begins to dry and this can cause the nail beds and hairs shafts to be pulled out that is reason they appear to be growing.

Cracking knuckles cause arthritis:

We are being told from our childhood that cracking knuckles would cause arthritis which is a very serious disease for bones. But this doesn’t have any link with the disease as cracking the knuckle is only a result a bursting the vapor of synovial liquid in the joints

Sugar makes kid hyperactive:

Another misconception lies among the parent is that excessive use of the sugar by children makes them hyperactive. But there is no evidence found which supports the link of behavioral problems with the excessive consumption of sugar

Watching TV too close will damage your eyes:

Everyone on of us has been scolded by our parents in our childhood for watching TV too closely because they believe that it may damage our eyes. This may be true when it was the era of cathode ray tube but today watching TV too closely will do no damage other than headache or strain on your eyes.

Black hole sucks:

Only few decades have been passed till we discovered thee black holes present in our universe. And we have made a general theory by the common public that they suck up everything near them. It is again a total misconception because black hole is nothing but a star with a very large gravity so that its nothing could escape out but actually there is a chance that something can exists without being sucked up at a point known as event horizon.

We have 5 senses?

We have studied in our early books that we, human have 5 senses. Touch, taste, hear, smell, sight. These 5 are not the only senses which we possess. Actually we can name them as primary senses but there are 20 more senses which we have like hunger, thirst, pain, pressure, balance, etching etc.

Lightening never strikes the same place:

It is actually an idiom which is used on the occurrence of bad event once but this has nothing to do with the actual lightning strikes from the clouds. But again some people takes this idiom to be a true fact for whole their life

Bananas grow on tree:

Many of us assumes that bananas grows on trees as we may often use the term “banana tree” but actually the bananas grows on stem which don’t have any wooden part in it so it can’t be taken as a tree it would be more likely to be called as herb.

Chameleons blend into surroundings:

Most of us has a common perceptionchameleons change their color to blend in their surroundings but the reason behind their changing the color is something else. They do so only because of the regulation of their body temperature or to communicate with their kind.

Duck’s quack doesn’t echo:

Another common misconception is that there is no echo of a quack of duck but again this has nothing to do with the reality. You only need to go to some lake, bait some bread to catch the duck and release it under the bridge. You will surely find the truth behind this misconception

Looking for Great Wall of China from space:

We were told in our childhood that the Great Wall of China is the only man made structure which is visible from the space. This isn’t true because this is not even visible from International Space Station (ISS) which is considered has low orbit while there are some other man-made structure which are visible from that height.

Bulls hate red color:

The cloth which the bull fighter used during the fight is of red color and this creates the misconception amongst us that bull hates the red color. Actually bull is color blind. It only takes the movement of fighters hand as a threat.

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