17 Amazing Geek Wedding Rings to Inspire the Love

Geeks are not that common but when you will encounter one, you will surely feel more good and same happens with the couples too. The traditional love can be common but not this geek one. Let’s see how can one cherish love in a geeky way with theses awesome geek wedding rings. Most of them can be bought but some of them will need a little bit research to find them. These awesome and amazing geeks wedding rings are going to inspire you because love is in the air and their design sense has some innovation to cherish the love and to savour every moment of the happiness.

20 Best Geek Wedding Rings For the Geeks in Love:

Below is the awesome list of 20 amazing wedding rings, don’t forget to send them to your beloved ones if you get the theme because pic sending now a days takes no more than seconds.

1- Transformers Decepticon Themed Geek Ring:

Transformer Decepticon Ring

Who is not aware of the transformers group of those convertible robots who always play against those autobots which try to fight for the truth and humanity. This decepticon themed ring is beautiful and can be your geeky wedding stuff. This ring can be made into reality with the help of a capable jeweler. [Credits of this Ring]

2- Zelda – Triforce themed Geek Wedding Ring:

Zelda Themed Geek Ring

This is the zelda themed wedding ring, and again was used for the wedding by one of the artist at deviantart. This ring is themed on the triforce concept which many of you might know but if you don’t know then for your information those three triangles in the ring are thought to depict power, wisdom and courage. [Credits of the Ring]

3- Tardis Themed Police Box Wedding Ring:

Tardis Themed Police Box Geek Ring

This is the police box themed ring which was used to travel in the time. This is actually a fiction series television show which was displayed on the BBC. The ring has got a theme of the machine which was used to travel in time. The three round stones are the police box (The phone booth type machine used to travel in time) sign. There’s also a windows symbolization by those four baguettes. [Credits of the Ring]

4- Lightsaber theme wedding ring:

Lightsaber theme wedding ring

This is a star wars wedding ring themed on that light saber which works through a laser. It’s a little bit of the lightsaber and little bit of the chestplate. [Credits of this Ring]

5- Star Trek inspired Geek Wedding Ring:

Star Trek Inspired Geek Ring

Star trek is a science fiction type of american show which has got various variants in different kinds of movies and cartoon shows. This ring is inspired by the star trek theme since it is based on the emblem of the star fleet as seen in various movies. Most of the star trek stories involve the aliens and the humans.

6- Green Lantern Inspired Wedding Ring:

Green Lantern Inspired Wedding Ring

This is a green lantern inspired wedding ring, the exact copy of the ring which was found by the hero of the movie “Green Lantern” which gave him some sort of super powers. The hero was tasked to keep the universe in peace, yes absolutely another piece of science fiction movie. But whoever hit with this idea of wedding ring was surely a geek lover. You can get one at ebay.

7- DNA type Geek Ring for Wedding:

DNA Structure Type Ring

This is a DNA type ring which has the structure of DNA, the double helix form. Again it is a sort of Geeky stuff. I couldn’t find the real source but you need to google it at your own.

8- Indian Jones Inspired Ring For wedding:

Indian Jones Inspired Ring

It’s an Indiana Jones inspired ring. The man presented this ring to his woman because she was inspired by the indian jones and was a fan. Then he designed an old styled looking ring box to convey the whole theme of indiana jones. Last the whip has done the magic of making the ring more beautiful.

9- Playstation Inspired Wedding Ring:

Playstation Inspired Ring

This is a playstation inspired wedding ring. The man designed this ring to inspire and show love to his girl. She grew up on the playstation and thus to make her feel more special this idea hit into his mind. Read the whole story on the girl’s blog.

10- The less than three ring showing the Heart – Minimal design idea inspired wedding ring:

Less than Three heart Ring

This is the less than three wedding ring in short has a heart on it to show the love. This design has the minimal sense hidden and I couldn’t find the real source but you can surely have one for your woman.

11- The USB Ring For Geek:

USB Ring

This is the USB concept and will not feel odd to a geek who spends hours in computer usage. The idea is innovative and features the usb design.

12- Super Man Geeky Ring:

The Super Man Geeky Wedding Ring

This is surely a super man inspired wedding ring with a main stone being similar to his emblem on the chest of the suit which he wears to show off his strong body. If you got inspired by this geeky wedding ring then you can surely order one.

13- Batman Ring for the bravery:

Batman Ring

Sharp and fast are you? Then take this ring and give some love to the one who matter a lot to your and if she is the batman fan too then it will be perfect.

14- CAT5 Affection Ring:

CAT5 Affection Ring

A CAT5 affection ring which will let you be connected to your loved one. Grab these two pair rings and hands in hands have a connection with your wife.

15- The projector ring – Keeping memories in the pocket:

The projector Ring Light goes through the lens and makes him watch the photos of the memories of life. More pictures can be added to this ring also but at the present the owner has just used his picture along with his wife. The pictures can be seen in the light of the candle too.

16- The wave pattern Ring:

The wave pattern ring

This is the wave pattern inspired ring, the spouse whispering the line “I love you” and creative indeed.

17- The microchip geek wedding ring:

Microchip Ring

Are you inspired by the technology and like to go deep in the computer chips? And same is with your spouse then this is probably the best present to present to her. The ring box also shows the chip design.

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