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2 officers fired for dragging & manhandling doctor off a united flight causing broken nose & teeth

Written by Wamiq Ali

United Airline is back in the news and this time 2 security officials are fired for manhandling an innocent doctor prior to the flight. The doctor was dragged off the flight with so much force that during the process he got a broken nose and lost two teeth. United Airlines is being pilloried because of their least assurance for public safety.

Inspector General of Chicago said that an officer and Aviation Security sergeant have been fired. There were four officers involved in the entire calamitous arrest. The third officer resigned shortly after the incident and forth one received a five-day suspension. The doctor sustained a concussion as he was being dragged off the flight due to the officers manhandling the poor guy. A non-threatening situation was exacerbated into a physical one which caused the loss of the innocent doctor.

The brawl started when Dao (The Doctor) was told to leave his seat because it was needed for a crew member of United Airlines. His seat was needed for a crew member working on a connecting route.

Shortly after the doctor was called to leave the seat, security officials came and surrounded the guy. We don’t know yet, what happened afterwards but a viral video released on the internet shows the guy being dragged off the plane. We think that a stable situation turned turbulent due to the bad attitude of one of the parties. Later case investigation proved that the officers were guilty of starting a physical fight.

The situation escalated so much that the CEO of the United Airlines Oscar Munoz went forward to seek a public apology. He also asserted to open an investigation on the matter. Later, Dao and United Airlines rescued the passenger-airline Bon-homie and went into an amicable settlement.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the two officers were trying to cover each other. They made misleading statements to put the blame on Dao for the brawl. After this incident, the top officials are about to review the SOPs and rules to make things better for both public and the officials.

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