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2 kids dressed as ‘tall man’ unable to gain admission to ‘Black Panther’

This is the height of pulling a flawed public facade and attempting to enter a show in disguise. These two kids decided to watch a Black Panther show as they wanted to enjoy it on the big screen. But there was this little problem, they were a tad short on money. Thus, they decided to go as one instead of two.

These kids disguised themselves as a tall man wearing an overcoat. This would have been a good stunt if they had lured the manager into believing their looks. YouTube is full of such videos in which people disguised as one person and avoided paying for two movie tickets. These two kids must be inspired by such videos.

I must say these two little geniuses have lots of confidence, when they entered the cinema disguised as a tall man to purchase their ticket, a lot of people started laughing at the duo, however, this didn’t make these two kids laugh.

A twitter user operating with username “Pillsbury” tweeted this video which we will be embedded at the end of this article. You might burst into laughter as soon as you will have a first glimpse of the video where these two kids are disguising as a tall grown-up man.

As these two kids came into the view, suddenly everyone started having a burst of laughter. This isn’t something common so for everyone it was quite strange.

The tweet said, “We tried getting the two-for-one special at ‘Black Panther.’ The manager was not having it.

Oh come on, manager, these two cute kids are trying to watch a movie with their hard earned pocket money, you could have given them a free ticket. No? 

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