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2 Bikers speeding wrong way cause explosive crash against cars (disturbing)

Written by Wamiq Ali

Warning, before watching the video, you shouldn’t put your guards down. The shocking video shows two bikers speeding wrong way and crashed into cars. The video is quite horrific and one of the bikers seems like targeting the guy, directly, filming the video.

This incident took place in Russia. Definitely, Russia has dashcams installed on the cars in large numbers. The reason they have dashcams is to avoid corruption and bribe while travelling on the motorway. Due to dashcams, the drivers have proof of not guilty.

Due to the dashcams, several awkward videos get released on the internet showing the mistakes of the drivers. This video is one of its own and can’t be related to the other videos in general.

The first crash

Second crash shortly after the first one, of the same nature

The shocking thing is the second crash, which definitely we can’t see due to the video recorder being in the same car. However, it looks like the nature of both crashes is same. Right now we don’t have much information about these two crashes, but the video is quite disturbing. We could only get some comments by the uploader of the video:

Speed and recklessness don’t mix. We need to redouble our attention

Warning: Don’t play video if you aren’t okay with disturbing content.

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