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19yo fakes his entire trip to Coachella on Instagram, becomes an Instagram celebrity

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Teenagers today are getting better in using computers and modern softwares. When I was 19, I used to go to the playground in order to take a part in the football and cricket matches. Things were different at that time. However, in current era of technology, every kid has a smartphone in his hand with some ready made applications to alter his reality. I am talking about the photograph apps which help the user change the background of their photos. This kid used some similar technology and altered the pictures to such an extent that he faked on Instagram his presence at Coachella. 

He is a YouTuber and in his recent experiments he faked his trip to Coachella on Instagram. He edited his photos and posted videos that made him look like as if he was attending the music festival in California. However, the teenager was still in the London.

The teenager was approached by Insider and he told them that a few people were able to find out that his pictures were fake. That happened because of a similar prank which he pulled in the past. However, according to him, his friends and family members readily believed his presence at the music festival.

In the video the guy explains all the struggles he went through in order to fake his presence at the Coachella festival. During the interview given to the Insider, Denton said that since his first prank went so well, therefore he decided to play a second prank. This prank which he decided to play was to fake his presence at the Coachella festival.

In the entire project, he took help of a girl named Anastasia Kingsnorth. She has an Instagram account where she has a huge number of followers, therefore it would be right to call her an Instagram influencer. Denton and Kingsnorth then took some photos and videos to fake their presence at Coachella. The rest of the story can be watched in the video shared above.

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