19yo drives wrong way on I-70, gives reason ‘it was faster’

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In Greenfield, a 19yo man was arrested because of reckless driving. Instead of driving in his own lane, he switched the driving lane to enter the opposite side. When he got arrested, the reason which he gave for such recklessness was absurd, as he said ‘the other lane was faster.’

The police Captain Robert Harris after arresting the 19yo guy in an interview to the media rebuffed the assumptions that the boy was impaired. The act was so foolish that the first impression undertaken by the media was a possibility of boy’s lack of judgement because of some disease. The police was quick to rebuke any such assumptions. The 19yo was found driving his Chevrolet Camaro the wrong way on Interstate 70 east in Greenfield. The boy behind the steering, Parrish, told police he wanted to drive without hassle as the other side was a little free of traffic.

The police department’s officials were returning from a meeting when they saw Parrish who was driving in the opposite lane. The officers enable to stop him took some other measures to arrest the guy. A video was also captured in the meantime, since it was quite unusual for everyone. The video has been uploaded on the Facebook.

According to¬†myinjurtycase there were 188,132 car accidents in Indiana back in the year 2011. A decrease of 2.5 pc as compared to the number in 2010. The stats recorded show that more mishaps took place in urban and suburban areas as compared to exurban and rural ones. Over-speeding and driving under the influence were regarded as some of the causes behind such mishaps. Dangerous weather condition also became reason of car-mishaps and it shows that special care with training is needed to tackle weather while driving. The 19yo of the article doesn’t fit into any of these categories, therefore, it’s one of the weird cases.

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