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19yo black girl mistaken for machete-wielding adult male got brutally beaten up by California police

Written by Wamiq Ali

A 19-year-old girl got mistaken for a 170-pound man suspected of criminal activities. Bakersfield Police Department arrested her mistakenly and she alleges police for brutality. The video of this girl is now viral on the internet.

The girl was punched in the mouth by a police officer. She even got bitten by a police K9. She was arrested last month and an officer gave a statement that she was mistaken for a 170-pound bald man. The man had threatened people with a machete at a grocery store. The girl lived nearby the grocery store.

Tatyana Hargrove story was posted on Facebook and it has attracted quite a lot of people. Generally, people are assuming that it was a racially motivated assault on the girl. This video was released by NAACP’s Bakersfield chapter.

Hargrove in the video alleges that she was walking home on June 18 on Ming Avenue, where she got confronted by a police officer. He drew his gun as soon as he got out of his car and the confrontation cost the poor teen bruises, punch in the mouth and a bit from K9. She got arrested afterwards, and the girl says in the video that it was one of most horrible experiences she ever had in her life.

Tatyana Hargrove telling her story in the video!

She further added that the officer put on the knee on her head, she couldn’t breathe. She started to yell for help. The video in which she told this scenario got more than 225k views in lesser than 10 hours.

She got arrested for resisting and aggravated assault on an officer. This was found in the BPD arrest records. The department has given a statement that the force used was rightful and nothing sort of internal investigation is required.

Christopher Moore, the arresting officer, recorded his statement. According to him, he didn’t know that it was a female until she was handcuffed. He mistook her for a 170-pound male, the same guy who had pulled a machete to threaten people in a grocery store.

Douglas, the machete-wielding man, was arrested the next day. The officer said that Hargrove matched the appearance of a suspected man. The instant appearance and the posture of which she was standing was quite in the match with the described suspected man.

The father when got a call from the hospital, he rushed there to look Tatyana. He was told by police that it was a mistaken identity.

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