1984 Duck Hunt in VR, which includes a 2017 twist, is suprising

Duck Hunt was released in 1984 which was a light game developed by Nintendo. It was published for the Nintendo console. It used an NES zapper to hit the ducks on the television and the player felt like shooting with a real gun.

NES Zapper

One or two ducks appeared on the screen and the player had three shots in total to take them down. With three shots the player had to clear one level, and if the player had shot enough ducks in one level then he would ascend to the next level otherwise he would receive a game over. Each round consisted of total 10 targets to be shot.

NES Zapper Duck Hunt Game

The game used to increase in complexity as the player advanced to the next rounds. The moving targets used to pace more while the number of minimum targets to be shot were increased drastically. There were two modes of the game, one mode consisted of ducks while the other one of the clay pigeons.

It was a fun game to be played and I guess every guy remembered the game up till now, but there is a VR game released in 2017. This VR game has a sweet surprise and this GIF below will help you see the entertainment which this game packs inside.

There is added grenade in the game and more than one dog is present inside. It’s fun shooting with VR as you feel like inside the scene.

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