17yo Walmart employee quits over store intercom, says ‘Nobody should work here, ever’

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Quitting over a store’s intercom is one strange way to leave a job but often people are faced with certain circumstances that they don’t back while taking such bold actions. Some people just know how to take an exit and this 17yo Walmart employee has done exactly the same, internet is resonating with this story of job exit. The 17yo Jackson Racicot shared a video on the Facebook which details his exit from Walmart. The video has racked up around 300k views to this moment. He has gone viral.

Our manager makes promises and never keeps them: Jackson Racicot

The employee Jackson Racicot accused the manager of not keeping up with the promises. He said, “Attention all shoppers, associates and management, I would like to say to all of you today that nobody should work here, ever. Our manager will make promises and never keep them.” (as reported by CNBC)

During his speech which Jackson made on the intercom for everyone to know and understand his reasons for quitting the job, he claimed that the assistant manager was quite rude and impolite. He called out the assistant manager for insulting him. He said on the intercom that their assistant manager, Cara, had called him a waste of time, a month back. He added that management will preach to their employees about the high degree of care which it [barely] carries out for its employees. He shared his speech on the social media. (Attention: The speech contains profanity and is not safe for work)

In his speech he also claimed that the Walmart managers also attempted to cut costs of operation by reducing the full-time associated to the part-time workers. This one claim was also raised in past by other employees. Jackson called out names and said that he was sick of this f—— job. In an interview to Edmonton Journal he said that he simply got fed up. Many of the viewers of his speech lauded the bravery of this young man. 

Walmart responded after video went viral

In a statement Walmart said that they were aware of the video and they felt disappointed by the incident. The statement read that Walmart respects every individual including customers and associates. Walmart added that they were looking into the matter and would resolve it internally.

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