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17yo kills himself after schoolmates bully him because he was sick & no teacher steps in to stop

Written by Wamiq Ali

Another life lost because nobody cared for this kid and not even the school teachers stood by his side. He got depressed and after getting bullied continuously he thought to give away his life easily. Reports say that the teenager was tortured on daily basis in the school. The boy was kicked, punched and teased and all that treatment was done for wearing a brace because he was suffering from a disease. He had Scoliosis.

Angelo Collazo, 17-year-old, died last week and he was the high school student from Hicksville a long island. He was near to be turning into an 18-year-old guy. His grieving mother made a media appearance and told the news agency that his kid was being bullied in the school and the bullies had picked on him since he was young boy.

The guy behind him left a journal where he wrote his story with every detail about how he got bullied and beaten up. The mother further added that the teachers at Hicksville High School were aware of the bullying but they did nothing to stop it.

He was bullied so bad that he felt his only option was to end his own life. Children used to punch him, kick him. They tortured him. That’s exactly what these children did. They tortured him.” – said the mother of the teen.

She said that the bullying began when he started wearing a back brace when he was 10 years old as he was diagnosed with the disease called scoliosis. It is a sideways curvature of the spine. The mother said that she repeatedly told the school to cut down the bullying. The staff at the Hicksville high school didn’t confirm or deny that if they knew about any bullies picking up on the guy.

A school’s spokesperson said, “The Hicksville Public Schools takes any allegations of bullying very seriously, investigates all claims and follows proper protocols under DASA. ” A fundraising page has been created which aims to collect money and give to an anti-bullying foundation.

Says the page at GoFundMe

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