16yo finds homeless man a home and a job after he writes a public-note saying he could work for free

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The world is a huge place which homes different kinds of people. There are kind people and then there are those who believe that everyone should suffer, so both type of categories exist. The world has an increasing number of homeless people, this number is at large in the underdevelopment countries. The reason being that such countries lack the right kind of social support regime. Talking about the Britain, Housing Charity Shelter claims that there are around 320k homeless people. There is also reported to be a rise of 13k people in this category since the last year. This growing number is alarming and such people can be found anywhere in the world.

16yo helps a homeless man find home and job

Charity starts with one own self, if someone wants to change the world then he has to start this change from his own personality. This girl did exactly something of the nature. She came across a public note which was hung by a homeless man as he demanded a job which he would do without any wages.

After this 16yo girl, Charlotte, read the note, she took a picture of it. She wanted to share the note with the world so that anyone with the right capacity might help the young man.

The message was read by a landscape gardener, named Nelson Smith, he knew that he was the right person to give this homeless guy a job. Therefore, he contacted Charlotte and with her help came across this homeless guy who now works at a gardening job.

Charlotte said that it was the last sentence of the note which pushed her to do something out of the box. The homeless man said that he wouldn’t have been anywhere in his life if it weren’t for Charlotte.

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