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15yo girl cowers behind wall to ESCAPE gang of armed THUGS

Written by Logical Men

A CCTV footage shows a terrifying incident, a schoolgirl tried her best to hide from gang of 8 violent thugs. The thugs were hiding their disgusting faces behind a mask. They were armed with baseball bats.

The footage released by Sandwell Police shows a 15-year-old girl clamoring over a garden wall before hiding herself from the armed thugs.

When she thought the gang disappeared, she got herself out of the hiding spot and tried getting away from the place. This unfortunate incident took place near to Aaron Manby Court in Tipton.

However, the gang came back and she was beaten badly with bats, which left her with serious injuries.

Police is now asking for information about the vicious attack, they shared the incident on the social media asking for help.

The offenders are thought to be in 20’s and are also believed to be residents of Tipton area.

On releasing the footage, Sandwell Police said: “Work has been on-going to trace the offenders who are reportedly aged in their 20s. Officers believe it is likely they live in the Tipton area and were driving a silver color VW Golf on the day of the attack. We’re appealing for anyone with information or who witnessed what happened to get in touch with police on 101. To remain anonymous please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

After this tweet, a lot of people retweeted it and spread the word on the internet. However, the 8 thugs that did the hideous act are still at large.

Locals in the area scarred and extremely concerned about the attack.

Mother of one Sarah Hamer, 22, said: ‘It is frightening, especially when you’ve got young kids. You don’t like to think about these sorts of people roaming around your neighborhood and causing havoc in the middle of the night. I didn’t see what happened, but I did hear some shouting from the street last night at around the time of the attack, so maybe it’s related. I’ve not known any gangs to be hanging around here, so it may be that they’ve traveled down from elsewhere. It is a bad area – there’s a lot of drugs lurking around, and often there’ll be discarded needles or cans lying around in the grass outside the flats.I’ve been here for a year or so now, and there have been police cars coming almost every week.’

The condition of the girl is not known as of this moment.

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