15 Ways How to Sleep Better

Yes! You have the right to have a better sleep. Sleep is something which is directly connected to the level of your productivity. If you learn how to sleep better then this is for the better of your own self. We all know that during a complete cycle of sleep our body repairs the muscles and removes the dead cells. A pure and good sleep with a perfect peak time (time during which you are in a deep sleep) is really necessary for you to have in your daily work routine. This article aims to help you learn how to sleep better in order to gain more productivity out of your daily work. So lets learn some ways to sleep better.

Ways to get a better sleep – Learn how to sleep Better by adopting these techniques in your Lifestyle:

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Follow these habits and you will surely be able to sleep better during nights and will feel less fatigued during day time.

1- Follow your sleep schedule and don’t miss an hour out of it:

Make up your own sleep schedule and don’t miss an hour out of it, like suppose you sleep at 12 o’ clock in night, then you must daily sleep at same time and must wake up at the same time you are used to! otherwise missing our hours and making your body used to different hours of sleep will do no good. This will make your biological clock to work like a charm.

2- If you smoke then leave his bad habit right now!

You must not smoke, because if you smoke then this adds a large amount of nicotine which is a stimulant. Thus, nicotine doesn’t help you fall asleep too quickly. If you are a chain smoker then you will find it difficult to sleep continuously in nights. If you quit smoking, then for the next 3 nights the same effect will continue but they will vanish once these 3 nights are spent. If you are a smoker than its the right time to leave smoking as you are only harming yourself.

3- If you take medicine then review them:

Certain medicines have a sleep depriving component. Which can make you sleepless for several hours, thus if you are prescribed any medicines then its better to review their content and the afterward effects. Beta-Blockers which are prescribed for high blood pressure are actually reported to make you fall asleep with quite a difficulty. Same is the case with anti-depressant tablets. If you are taking such medicines then check that how these affect your sleep schedule and then tell that to your doctor.

4- Take an Exercise but keep in mind not within 4 hours when you want to sleep:

When you perform exercise, specially cardio then your body temperature become elevated. Thus, if you planning to sleep in the next hour then don’t perform an exercise as it will not allow you sleep in the next four hours. After four hours are passed, you will automatically get drowsy because your brain will signal your body to take a good nap. In short avoid exercise when you need to sleep so that you may not nullify point one of this post.

5- Take proper time to get into sleep:

Sleep is not something like an on off button, that as soon as you went to bed you may fall asleep. Its better to follow such a plan like first brushing your teeth and moisturizing your face. Then lay down on bed and read any novel in low light or else take deep breaths and then start thinking about something which fascinates you and makes you feel better, just relieve your nerves. Then you’ll wakeup in morning after this, the thing is to relax yourself down.

6- Don’t take a drink before going to bed in 2 hours:

If you will drink a glass of wine then it take an hour to your body to metabolise it, so if you have taken two glasses then it sums up to two hours, thus when the alcohol level of your body drops, then brain signals it to wake up. Thus, this will disturb your sleep as a result always keep in mind to finish the last sip of drink at least an hour before you go to the bed.

7- Use snacks with Cheese, this will help you get Sleep:

Using snacks with cheese is surely a good technique to induce you some good sleep. A food consisting of carbohydrates, proteins and even calcium will help you get serotonin which helps to get sleep and peace. Thus, its a good choice to have a light dose of anything which contains the stuff described above. You can take a grain slice with a light cheese slice, this can help you get a good sleep.

8- A bedtime story can help too:

There are certain applications for smartphones which actually read the written text, get an ebook form of story which may may love, and then simply command your smartphone to read that for you, you can plugin your handsfree and enjoy listening to story while trying to sleep. By the way you mother can help you with it too, she can tell you some cool stories too but remember this will make her loose her own sleep time.

9- Try to make yourself cool and relax:

Some experts suggest that a low room temperature helps in getting a good sleep. A room temperate between 18 Degree Centigrade to 25 is considered as good and optimum. Melatonin is released once you turn cool from a hot body. So, I suggest that you take a hot bath before going to bed and then later turn your body cool, but keep in mind that you must not feel too hot or too much cold in the bed, that must be just right.

10- A Sleep Inducing Fragrance can actually Help you Out:

Lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang can help you induce sleep. These smells help you in getting relaxed. If you want to have a sleep quickly then spray such fragrances on the cover of your pillow, but before spraying don’t forget to add some water so that the smell may not be too much concentrated.

11- Use White Noise to omit other sounds:

If you are a smartphone user, then use white noise this can help you out, there are many applications available in playstore and iPhone store, which can make white noise to help you fall asleep while omitting any other noisy stuff. This will help you to remain asleep as well.

12- Eliminate any light sources:

If there is a lot of light in your room , then try to eliminate it as light will pass through your eye lids when you are sleeping, and brain will automatically stop producing melatonin. Thus, you will not be able to fall asleep for longer intervals, as a result you will not be able to get a better sleep. Thus darker the room the better will be the sleep.

13- Consider to remove your pet out of your own bed:

Pets like dogs or cats can wake up during the mid night and can also wake you up by scratching your leg or hand, this will make you restless, thus consider removing any pets or cats from the bed. You need a really nice sleep in order to make yourself productive the whole day, I know some people will find it harder but if you are sure that your pet is not disturbing you then you can keep this habit.

14- Always check your pillow position:

Your pillow position matters a lot, and if you not comfortable with it then you might end up having cramps and pain, thus to have a better sleep always try to keep your spine and neck straight. Ask your spouse or roommate to check that whether your neck and spine are in proper alignment. If not then better get a good pillow which may keep both things at a level.

15- Reduce Caffeine Intake:

Caffeine helps you to last longer during the night, I mean you can remain awaken during the night for longer times with the help if caffeine. Thus, if you are taking too much coffee or tea then this might force you to sleep less. As a result your body will get tired, thus reduce the intake if you want your body to recover its whole energy.

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