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15 teens and children, treated for rabies after collective molestation of an infected donkey

Written by Wamiq Ali

Guess what, a stupid group of teens and children got rabies after getting in contact with a donkey the wrong way. They physically abused the poor animal. These youngsters rushed to the hospital after realizing that the donkey had the disease.

This happened in a town of Morocco. The children and teens were treated for rabies after they went to the hospital. These 15 children and teenagers were reportedly involved in a collective molestation of a donkey.

The youths belonging to a tribal group spent around 7 days the in hospital. They were admitted to Mechra Belksiri Hospital and immediately after the act was known the donkey was killed,

The donkey was immediately killed to prevent other people from getting affected. – Reports Al-Akhbar Newspaper.

The families of the teens are not happy with the incident. They are currently under the social pressure of being connected to someone committing a taboo. The families are being consistently mocked by the locals of north-western region of Gharb-Chararda-Béni Hssen.

It’s said that the number of infections is quite higher than expected. The families were seen taking the kids outside the town. This might be done to avoid humiliation. The parents in the town are getting their kids vaccinated. They fear that their kids might have come in contact with the donkey accidentally. So to take no chances, these parents want the best protection against rabies in the shape of the vaccine.

Rabies is a deadly disease but if the symptoms are well read prior to its acute stage then the treatment is very effective. Rabies catches one’s brain and nerves and is contracted due to a bite or scratch of an infected animal.

Source: Al-Akhbar Newspaper

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