15 Simple Life Hacks to Make Your Life Simpler

There is a conventional way of doing everything and then there are some life hacks that can help you do the same things in a better and faster way without any extra effort. Some of such amazing life hacks are:


1- Getting more ice in less time:

Is your freezer not fast enough to freeze the ice to meet your requirement in summer? Get some salt and distribute it at the bed of freezer. It is a science fact that salt reduces the temperature in the freezer so you can get more ice with same freezer.

2- Cable extension during travel:

There are a lot of unplanned trips everyone counters in life. Always keep a cable extension in your bag pack to ease your life especially when going in group. There are mostly not much electrical sockets available at any hotel for a group. Keep an extension and everyone gets the space for charging their equipment’s batteries and anything else that requires electricity without waiting for the turn.

3- Keep a small pad and a pen handy:

A very simple life hack to remember and note the important things is to keep a small pad and a pen always in your pocket. There is not always the situation where you can get a typed instruction or anything and it is often that you forget a thing or two when you go shopping. You might have to note something important like a contact or anything that you might forget later. Why not to keep a pad and pen to remember all that?

4- Pouring a liquid from a pouch or gallon:

Facing some problem while pouring a liquid from a can or pouch? Having hard time to deal with the splashing? Well, get a knife or something pointed and make a small hole at the side other than the pouring one. The reason of the splashing is gone just like a whip. No more splashing with a simple life hack.

5- Peeling a boiled egg off:

Peeling off a boiled egg can be irritating at times if you don’t do that the right way. Even if you are in a hurry to do so, or want to save yourself from the labor. Make it easier on yourself with a very simple life hack. Put some baking soda in water when boiling the eggs. The eggs will peel off in no time and you get the egg like it was naturally boiled one by the look.

6- Currency notes in wallet:

The currency notes in a wallet can be mess if not arranged properly and can finish up rather quickly than expected, the reason being spending them in an uncontrolled way. Always keep your notes arranged properly in a sequence with their increasing values. This will keep the track of your available money in purse and also taking a specific amount becomes a lot easier with this simple life hack.

7- Printed pages:

Being a student or a teacher can be a repeated interaction with a printer. Why to waste some papers by printing them every time on a new one? Keep the pages that are printed at one side only. The data on the papers becomes irrelevant after some time and the new material can be printed on the other side. This life hack make life a lot easier and cheaper when printing notes and important data tables or formulas during exam preparation.

8- Identifying keys with nail polish:

Having a bundle of keys is mandatory for any house. There are locks on each door and a key for everyone. It is very hard to remember the key for each lock especially when the bundle of keys has more than 5 keys. Some use different key chains to do so but you have a better option with a simple life hack. Use the nail polish to do. Mark the heads of keys with a nail polish and mark the lock a little to avoid the time to try different keys and getting to the exact key in no time.

9- Multiplication of large numbers:

Mental math is a tricky thing to do and the ones able to do that, are a lot faster in calculations than others who can’t. Having trouble while multiplying numbers in double digit or larger is not a problem with a simple trick. Estimate the number to the nearest multiple of ten and put a zero at the end of other number to get the approximate answer and them subtract the small amount you get as the difference in the approximated multiple of ten and the real number.

10- Pinch the pongs of electric switch to attain better grip:

There are different sizes of electric sockets and it is commonly observed that not every switch fits exactly in every socket. It can be a headache to put the switch back in socket again and again after it falls due to loose grip. Got a life hack for that too, press the prongs a little from both sides to increase the grip and save your day.

11- Always have a to-do list:

It is amazing how the human brain works. It often stops working when required and it can cause some important task undone as you can’t remember that. Life hacks can share the load with the brain to do what’s required. Always keep a to do list in your mobile and computer device to keep track of time and not to forget any important task to increase your value.

12- Use of sticky notes to clean keyboard:

Sticky notes are a very handy life track. They can be helpful even after their task is done. Use them to remind yourself about the important things to be done and once they are done, don’t throw them directly. Move them between the keys of your keyboard from the sticky side to get the dust and dirt to keep your keyboard clean and dust free.

13- Dust bin care:

Having a dust bin and throwing all the waste in it directly can be unhealthy. It can produce some annoying smell and some waste can stay stuck to the bottom due to some liquid drops that fall in it from any source like juice or fruit remains. A very useful life hack is to keep a used plastic bag or an old newspaper at the base to avoid all this keep the dust bin clean.

14- Use envelopes to arrange documents:

Being active in society and dealing with a lot of paper work can be tedious. Documents of different tasks can get mixed and finding any paper at required time can be hard. Always keep some large envelopes to avoid this fuss. Keep the different papers in different envelopes to avoid mixing and once done, send them or whatever is to be done with them to get the empty envelope back.

15- Keep record of your expenses:

It is a healthy habit to keep record of your expenses. One can use any diary or paper to do so but what if it is lost? It can even be very hard to keep all that and writing everything can produce a lot of paper to handle. Use a simple life hack to save yourself and make a spreadsheet for daily expenditure. Make a generic sheet once and then use that for every month or year as you desire.