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15 lesser known facts about dreams

Written by Jawaria

Dreams are composed of series of images and visuals which we see during our sleep. They do have a very strong relationship with the state of our mind. We dream of different things while we are asleep and these dreams vary from fairy meadows to worst nightmares, from sky high to underworld deep. Different people have different perspective about why we dream. Some people say that they warn us from the upcoming events while some says that they show us what we really want to be or what we fear the most. So it is not very clear that why we dream or what is the purpose of dreaming but one thing is for sure that they give us hope to live and enjoy our life. All these things are those which everybody is pretty much aware off. Here I am going to describe some of those facts about dream which you haven’t even heard off. There are very strange facts about dreams. Here are some of those strange and lesser known facts about dreams

6 whole years:

While dreaming we don’t realize that how much time has been passed but a study has been done to show that we actually spend 6 years of our life while dreaming. These 6 years includes all your nightmares, hallucinations, and all other kind of dreams.

Animal & dreams:

Sometime it is assumed that only we, the human being are capable of having the dreams while sleeping but the recent study shows this to be a complete misconception. All other animals of various kinds are capable of having dreams

Visual dreams:

You don’t need eyes to dream. Dreams are usually associated with the visual images but a study shows that blind people can also dream in form of visual images but it is not necessary that they always dreams in visual form. They can also dream with the help of touch, smell, and sound etc.

Real faces:

We only see the faces of real people in our dreams. It is not possible for us to dream of a face which we haven’t seen in our life. You just can’t create face in your dreams. You only uses those face which you have already seen in your daily life and you are unable to identify them because you see hundreds of faces every day.

Where dreams are made:

The famous philosopher Plato suggested that there is a specific organ in the human body which is responsible for the origin of all the dreams which we see in our sleep. He suggested that our liver is responsible for originating all the dreams. So the liver can be termed as a place where dreams are made.

Childhood dreams:

The little kids do dream but their dreams tends to be of shorter duration than the adults. Major proportion of dreams of a child consists of nightmares as fear can easily be accumulated in the brain of a child. Another important fact about the childhood dream is that the toddlers don’t see themselves in their own dreams until they grow up to the age of 3 to 4 years.

Black & white:

Another one of the most important facts about dreams is that our older generation who watched the movies and Television in black & white are more likely to dream without color. On average 12 % of the total population of the world always dream in black and white.

Remembering the dream:

There is a limit to how much you remember the dreams. Once you are awake from the sleep within 10 minutes an average person forgets his 90% of the dreams. But if you awake during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of the sleep you are more likely to remember that dream.

Sleep paralysis:

Another important fact about the dreams is that whenever you are dreaming your body is locked rigidly to avoid any movement due to dream. But sometimes it may happen that you may woke up during the REM stage of the sleep and your brain is fully awakened but your body is still in that paralysis. Some people took this to be a disease but this has nothing to do with any kind of disease or disability.

Number of dreams:

An average person can have 4 to 6 dreams in a night. This adds up to 1460 to 2190 dreams in year but now you will think that you don’t remember 4 or 6 different scenarios when you woke up neither do I remember 1460 dreams in a year. This is because of the fact that we actually remember 95% to 98% of our dreams. Rest are gone with the winds.

Different timeframe:

The time which we experience in our dream is totally different from the actual time. In dream what we think of as day or so can actually be few minutes or may be few seconds in real

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