15 Facts on How Visitors actually Engage and View your Content – Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is one of the important key aspects of any blog or website. If you think that you have delivered something good to the world, then it doesn’t mean that every person is going to come to know about it, because its the time and placement of things which actually matters. The same goes for the Batman, whose identity is never into eyes of people because he doesn’t want this to happen. But let’s read a simple thing here to add to your motivation and importance of content marketing.

You think you have done enough to write a blog post, but that is not the case, no one knows that a blog post exists. Even if people know that your post exists, but again they visit and leave your blog in seconds because there was no content marketing practise being followed. As a result, you did hard work and you wanted others to know about it but it didn’t turn out very well.

So, if you want to know how to not remain at the darker side, then continue reading or else you may leave it now, if you love to continue working hard but with no gains.

15 facts to keep in mind while writing a blog post because there exists a great on site importance of content marketing and content marketing strategy:

  1. People visit your website but the first thing which they are going to look is at the top left side. So keep your least important content on the right side.
  2. Text attracts more people as compared to pictures, so next time you bloat a webpage with pictures, keep in mind that text is an importance essence too.
  3. Ads placed on the top or left side of the webpage get most attention. The adds better stacked in content get more clicks. 300 width ads with heights of around 250 get the most CPC if properly placed.
  4. Ads placed below or inside a really best piece of content on your whole webpage, yield the most benefit. So next time you decide where to place ad boxes, decide which is the most important area on your website.
  5. The best place for a menu is to be at the top part of the whole webpage, where it gets most attention. Also color scheme matters the most. Make sure the color pallets which your site is using, is vibrant to the parts which need most attention.
  6. White spaces are good, stacked content like this list is not a best practise, unless you are really sure that the content stacked is of great importance to reader.
  7. Use lists, and headings and distribute your article in a way that it gets easier for reader to skim through the article rather then reading the whole thing and leaving it in between.
  8. Some visitors to an average blog/website completely ignore large paragraphs and chunks of texts.
  9. Menus and buttons are the things which get most attention from visitors, because mostly these things are well highlighted. Users who are not technically aware, they know buttons are of much importance. So, before deciding to remove that navigation area, make sure that you first put yourself in shoes of a common visitor with no knowledge of HTML and programming.
  10. Headlines draw great attention, make sure you use them properly.
  11. Bigger pictures with high definition quality draw more attention as compared to smaller pictures with bad pixels.
  12. Readers don’t look at banners much, they most of times totally ignore it. So crack down other ways to publicize some external content.
  13. Don’t use fancy fonts, because they are ignore, like a joke.
  14. Lower part of your website, is mostly scanned, not given a thorough look.
  15. Break paragraphs into shorter ones, and give them headings, as it works best.

Hope, this may help you get better into writing and generating content for the web. Make sure that each change you make, you know the ways on how to track the betterment which was brought to the whole webpage because of making that particular change.