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14yo model collapses & dies due to utterly long fashion show, she had signed ‘slave labour’ contract

Written by Wamiq Ali

A 14 year old model dies after 12 hours long fashion show. She became really exhausted and couldn’t bear more walk on the ramp. She suffered from ultra exhaustion during a three-month modelling assignment in China. The Teenage model belonged to Russia.

Vlada Dzyuba went into a coma after 12-hour long fashion show in Shanghai. Quite unfortunate for the girl that she didn’t recover from this calamity and after a two days fight with the comma, she finally gave up and died.

According to our news sources, it has been claimed that the girl was on a “Slave labour” contract. She was quite afraid to seek medical help during her assignment. Now, this actually shows us the cruel side of the fashion world. First, they are forced to maintain figure and then they are given long assignments. Now, if the body has not enough fuel reserves then it cannot survive much. The fuel for the body is healthy fats and vitamins. These two components come from eating a balanced diet.

Officially she was allowed to work only 3 hours a week but it is worth noting that this particular fashion show went on around for more than 12 hours. Unfortunately, a lot of Russian models are recruited to the China and they are made to participate in the fashion shows. But this particular case of Vlada has actually made the world think about the rights of these teenage models. Moscow is demanding the explanation of the entire incident. They seek an official report on the working conditions of the girl in Asia. They want an explanation so that such incidents can be avoided in the future.

The devastated mother of the teen said in a media interview, “She was calling me, saying ‘Mama, I am so tired. I so much want to sleep.

In the reports, it is stated that this might have been the very beginning of her illness and then the temperature shot up. The mother also tried to get a visa in order to fly to her younger daughter but she failed in the visa pursue. The mother told in another interview that she begged her daughter on the telephone to visit the hospital. She didn’t sleep that night as was worried for her daughter.

The head of the modelling agency which took the girl out of Russia to the China said that no one actually wanted this to turn into something like this calamitous situation. She also admitted not going through the girl’s contract as if she had or not the proper medical insurance.

The Human Rights Agencies are panicked in China at this very moment and they are personally investigating the case of this model. They think that it is the sheer violation of human rights and something like this should not be allowed to happen in their country.

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