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13yo girl commits suicide after being bullied at school

Written by Wamiq Ali

A 13-year-old girl has committed suicide who was being repeatedly bullied in her school for past 2 years. She was made fun of her looks in the school.

Rosalie Avila’s hung herself in her bedroom to take her own life and after that, she was rushed to the hospital where life support was provided.

The father of the girl was interviewed, Daily Mail reported his statement, “My daughter had the whole world, Now, I just have to think about what she could have done or what she could have become, now it’s just a memory.”

Rosalie was a cheerful girl

Rosalie was in the 8th grade and she wanted to become a lawyer. She was warm loving individual according to her parents. She could make the world a better place that’s something she believed in, that is why she was an aspirant to be a lawyer.

The father said that it was during the night when he heard screams from her daughter’s room. He rushed towards her room sensing some danger and what he saw was his daughter hanging in her room to take away her own life.

The father said that his daughter smile could light up a room and in the recent months one could see that something was off in her life. She used to carry around a journal which had names of the people who had bullied her in the past years.

Rosalie was off for a few months!

After finding her hanging in the room the parents to rush to the Loma Linda children’s hospital. She was given the life support but after finding her brain dead they had to cut it off.

“I remember a couple nights she’d come home, telling me that the kids are calling her names about her teeth, You have braces, honey, don’t worry. The braces are going to come off,” – replied the father to the worried daughter.

“Yeah, but my teeth are straight and they’re still making fun of me,” said the daughter.

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