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12yo Schoolboy carried disabled friend to class everyday for six years

Friendship is a unique thing if it has been maintained in all its sincerity and love. A true friendship is hard to come by and if anyone finds it in some person then he should try his best to not let go off it. Thereof, this boy has picked up his best friend to the school for the matter of making him attend all the classes, and he continued this activity for around six years. This is a pretty long period and quite an amazing gesture by this boy, as he proved himself to be a best friend. Xu Bingyang, the 12yo, had picked up his disabled friend for six years. He carried him from the class one in order to make him attend all the lectures.

This is not the only service which he does for sake of his best friend. He also help to fill his bottle of water, fetches his lunch and also makes him go to the toilet. The disabled guy can’t thank enough to be blessed with a friend like him. Zhang, the best friend of Xu, suffers from a rare disease in which the muscles are degraded to such a condition that the guy suffering from it can’t walk or perform movement. Xu is taller and more stronger than his friend and he says that it had always been a player to be a walking stick of his friend.

This beautiful friendship between the two kids was spotted in China, in the South-Western province. This was reported by the Chinese news media Xinhua. 

I weigh more than 40kg (88 pounds) and Zhang Ze only weighs about 25kg (55 pounds), so it’s okay for me to carry him. (said the humbled Xu in favour of his best friend)

This particular news has made him go viral on the internet. Many people are saying that it’s quite hard to come by real friends.

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