12 Weird Facts About Life which are Shockers

Life is not simple as we know it. It contain a lot of complexities within. These complexities happen to be around us as we go through our daily routine but we may have overlooked them till now. Weird facts are there within ourselves, our daily routine, our body Etc. but we are not familiar with them in a good way.  As you read your way till the end of this article you will know more about these weird and interesting facts about life.


Let’s start with those facts of life which are closely related to our body.

1- Bones make us strong:

It is a general perception that human body contain 206 bones but actually it is true to only some extent as we are born with about 300 bones which are smaller in size than those which we have now, but these bones are small and weak. So as we grow older the smaller bones join themselves together to form the actual bone which we carry till death. Out of these 206 bones almost half of those are present in our hands and feet.
Talking of human bones most of us don’t know which is the strongest bone in our body again a general misconception is that we take skull to be the strongest bone but the strongest bone in the whole human body is in human thighs which is stronger than the concrete.

2- Have a 99% clean skin? Think again:

Most of the antiseptic soaps promises to give you a 99% free of germs skin and we mostly believe that to be true but this a mere publicity measure. Human skin contain more living organisms on it than there are total number of human being present on earth. So next time you see your hands after washing them by a fine anti-bacterial soap, don’t be so sure of their cleanliness.

3- Choose your diet wisely:

Many of the people you met are diet conscious or they want to lose or gain some weight. For this purpose they always seems to be calculating the amount of calories intake or calories burnt for a proper and health diet. But have you ever wondered that how much of energy do you intake daily? A study shows that the amount of average energy intake of a human body within 24 hours cycle is equivalent to that of one third of one liter petrol.

4- Babies have larger eyes? Why:

Have you ever wondered that which part of human body doesn’t grow at all and which part don’t stop growing till death? Well the human Eye is the part which doesn’t grow in the whole life span of a person that is why when we see a child we find his eyes to be much larger than an adult and our ears and nose have the capacity to grow never till death.

5- Never try this:

Every time you sneezes some of our brain cells die. On average human sneeze can go up to 100mph. and a fair warning that never try to suppress the sneeze it will rapture your blood vessels in brain.

Let’s further go down the list of the facts about life.

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6- Crying at night:

Many of the grieving and sad people usually cry a lot at night. Ever wondered why is that? There is a scientific reason behind it which states that if you are suffering from lack of sleep it will make very hard for you to control your emotions

7- Poor brain can’t feel the pain:

All the emotions, feelings and pain are directly related to our brain as our neural system sends the signal to brain which process it and after that we feel pain or certain emotions but human brain itself can’t feel any kind of pain in it.

8- Keep smiling:

Always keep smiling because it will simplify not only your problems but also your work load because it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown. That is why smiling faces are less likely to get in trouble.

9- Around the world:

Walking is considered to be a healthy activity but you will be surprised to know that how much you perform this healthy activity in your lifespan. On average human being walks a distance which is more than that of three times around the earth.

10- Shedding the skin like a snake:

Snakes are commonly known for changing their skin every year but this property is not only specific with them. Human also shed skin but on a smaller level. Human body sheds 40lbs of skin in whole life. It means that you change your skin at least once in whole life but this phenomena continue over a longer period of time.

11- Human saliva:

Human saliva produces a painkiller names as opiophrin which is known to be six times more powerful than morphine. You would be surprised to know this fact about the life that human body produces on fourth liter of saliva daily which if accumulated over his whole life span would be enough to fill up two average size swimming pools. I think you won’t forget this fact about life.

12- Smelling a scent:

When it comes to smelling a scent and differentiating it with respect to other, human nose is most advance creation created by nature which can smell and differentiate between 50,000 different scents.

Which of these facts of life you found to be most weird?

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