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$12 seat belt cover solution which can save a child’s life in case of emergency

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A mother went viral on the social media as she shared her smart solution to protect a child in an emergency situation. The solution she shared is particularly for the car usage. It is related to the seat belt. She made a cover which can be used for the children with disabilities, in fact it can be used for anyone to convey some message to a third person in the event of an emergency.

Natalie, who is a mother of five, came across this solution because her child suffers with certain disabilities. Natalie’s own daughter has a cochlear transplant and she thought of this solution to convey a message to the alert authorities in case of some mishap. The update of this amazing solution to protect children with disabilities was shared on the official page of Natalie. The post has received many likes, around 61k, as every concerned parent seemed to be more than willing to implement the solution. Natalie shared it on Personalised by Nat Facebook page.

Being a mother, Natalie was always worried for her daughter. She wanted to have some means to share with the doctors in the event of an emergency that her daughter couldn’t go through MRI because of cochlear implant. Natalie after devising the technique feels confident. She believes that the technique can help her daughter as it would let the doctors know the prevalent medical condition.

She made two covers for the seat belt. One cover she made is meant for children with cochlear implant, it says “No MRI”. The other cover she made is for children with autism. It says “I have autism. I may resist help”. These amazing covers only cost $12 each. Two can be obtained for merely $20.

Natalie knew that children with unique medical conditions have a bracelet; however, she was concerned that such a bracelet would fail to catch attention of the emergency responders. Therefore, she decided to designs something better, as she realised that the same idea could be incorporated in the seat belts of the cars.

Many people praised the sincere effort of Natalie. People were happy with someone standing up for seemingly minute things which could save someone’s life. One of the women praised Natalie and endorsed her efforts by telling that her husband being a firefighter praised Natalie for her brilliant idea.

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