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11-year-old girl ‘forced to marry her rapist’ from church in Florida

Written by Wamiq Ali

Women in today society seem to be provided with equal rights but still, there are certain dark portions of the society where women are thought to be inferior and something different than men. A society can only be completed in terms of righteousness and moral behaviour if both men are women are given equal rights.

This woman named, Sherry Johnson, an American residing in Florida claimed to have been raped repeatedly by family’s church congregation when she was a child. When the investigators tried to dig into reality, her family forced her to marry the rapist.

In an interview Sherry told New York Times that when she was a child, young girls of her age were forced to marry old men at Pentecostal Church, just to hide the rape crime of these men. She told the media that she herself was raped by a minister and parishioner when she was 10 years old and she gave birth to her first child.

Rape affects both psyche and physique

Marrying her rapist was one way to protect him of his deeds. She told media that even the judge approved her marriage to end the police investigation. The judge told her in the court, “What we want for you is to get married”. Ms Johnson’s mother asked her if she wanted to get married. She responded, “I don’t know what is a marriage and how to act like a wife.” Later, her marriage kept her from attending the school regularly. She gave birth to 9 children in total and she often used to fight with her husband. It was a terrible life, she told the media.

Florida is one of the 9 states which allows the legal marriage of under-aged children with parents consent. Now as a grown up, Ms Johnson is trying to take steps to end child marriage in America.

The marriage later dissolved as most incompatible marriages. Ms Johnson also wrote a book titled “Forgiving the unforgivable” to tell her story to masses.  

Marriage is an adult thing, if we don’t allow children to vote, drive and drink alcohol then we also shouldn’t allow them to get married when they aren’t sure about themselves. 

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