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100-year-old Fruitcake found in Antarctica is making scientists wonder why is it still almost edible?

Written by Wamiq Ali

People at National Geographic published a story about a newly discovered 100-year-old fruitcake. The indestructible fruitcake withstood a century of furious weather in Antarctica. The driest and coldest place on earth. However, it’s still almost edible.

New Zealand-based Antarctic Heritage Trust recently found a preserved dessert in Antarctica. It was found in one of the oldest buildings in the place. The fruitcake was found to be wrapped in paper along with the remains of a tin.

The fruitcake looks and smells to be almost edible and quite fresh even after 100 years of pressing time, told the Heritage Trust

Credits: Antarctic Heritage Trust Facebook’s page

It looks like that the British explorer “Robert Falcon Scott” probably brought this fruitcake. Some reverse look up gave clues of its production space. It’s believed to be made by the British biscuit company Hutley and Palmers. They had given some fruitcakes to Antarctica explorers for the Terra Nova expedition.

The Terra Nova expeditors took shelter in Cape Adare hut, one of the oldest buildings in Antarctica which were setup for the explorers. The fruitcake is found in the same building. It was built by Norwegian Carsten’s team in 1899. Quite old!

A team had been excavating old remains in the building when they found this precious fruitcake wrapped nicely and quite edible.

Credits: Antarctic Heritage Trust Facebook’s page

Lizzie Meek an employee at the Heritage Trust said, “Fruitcakes were a popular item in English society which remains popular even today, working in Antarctica makes one crave for high starch sugar food and fruitcakes fit perfectly for the need.”

Heritage Trust restored many huts in Antarctica which Expeditors had once used. They even returned the excavated items to their original position including the fruitcake. This will obviously attract more tourism to Antarctica. Worthy to mention, Antarctica has already increased rates of tourism.

One of the old antarctic huts

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