10 ways on: How to stop Procrastinating

The habit of procrastinating or putting off matters is a pretty common problem among masses. It comes with a laid back attitude and then doing things fast which at times lead to worse results.  How to stop procrastinating with simple logics or with ease is what everyone wants to know. In this article under study, we are going to study some ways by which people will be able to overcome the habit of delaying assignments and rushing hard at the forth hour to meet the results. Time is money and it is true for all and sundry. Problem of procrastinating is not limited to any one person; rather the problem extends over vast variety of people belonging to all walks of life. Thus read this article and help yourself in overcoming this problem.

Drawing the Root cause of Procrastination:

 In order to address how to stop procrastinating, it is essential to know the root cause behind it. Wise says we should identify the symptoms first so as to cure the disease. Same is true for doing away with procrastinating. It will not be solved if we keep looking for ad hoc means; however reporting the symptoms is the only way to stop this habit.

 What causes us to Procrastinate?

There could be many reasons for delaying work, as discussed above; one reason could be the in built nature which compels people to delay and complete assigned work only when it is too late. The other reason could be fear of failure or success too. Yes, it is true even success makes people little lazy. On the other hand, fear of failure also makes people delay their work which eventually at time also leads to project failure.

How to overcome procrastination:

It is not easy to overcome the habitual procrastination, but with little efforts anyone can handle this issue.

Another reason for delaying is an inability to start or take an initiative. Sometimes it is difficult to get oneself on a track. It happens due to lack of motivation or when the direction to move forward is not clear.

Multitasking is an art, and only few people ate artistic in it. However this ability also leads to procrastinating tasks.  Managing numerous assignments and tasks leads to delayed work and thus confused mindsets.

How to stop procrastinating is the problem faced by masses nowadays. No matter how hard some people try, they just can’t help but lagging behind.

Tackling Procrastinating:-

As we have defined the symptoms of procrastination, now few possible actions which could help tacking are:

1- Getting started:

Pull your socks and get started. Once you will start your work, you will end up liking it and your inner drive will compel you to finish your task within specified time. Thus major hurdle is taking an initiative but once you take that, things become easy.

2- Motivate yourself:

Tomorrow never comes, do your work today should be your tagline and you shall feel less stressed, more motivated, ease at heart. You will have more time for yourself, for shopping and for other chores.

3- Reward Yourself:-

This method is quite unique and may prove to be really helpful. As you are the only one losing from procrastinating events, however masses may benefit then try associating every task of yours with some reward. Tell yourself that if you manage to finish the task on time, you will treat yourself with a bar of chocolate or with some ice cream. It may sound absurd, but believe you me it helps.

4- Increase productivity:-

Means of how to stop procrastinating also includes urge to become more productive. Yes it is true that people who complete their assigned tasks well on time are able to work on other tasks and are productive too. Such people are also good workers, successful and liked by their bosses. On the other hand, workers who delay their works are often rated inefficient and are in the bad books of their supervisors.

5- Live a stress-less life:-

Everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable life, which is devoid of all stress, tensions and which allows one to have some respite. You should compare two different situations. First when you have work to do and second when you have completed your assignment, look for your mind conditions under both these circumstances. Surely former will make you hell stressed however latter is state of calm, comfort and happiness

6. Focus, Focus and focus:

Focus, focus and focus, it is another tool which can address how to stop procrastinating problems. If you keep yourself focused towards the underlying task rather than getting distracted here and there, then delayed work could be completed on time.

7. Give yourself deadlines to meet:

Procrastination is all about not meeting deadlines or paying no heed to them. Thus if you start giving yourself a deadline, in the same way as you have allocated reward for you; late tasks could be completed well on time.

8: Set Clock Tick

Set an alarm for yourself. These days this process is even easy, you could fix reminder in your cell and make it beep every now and then. I normally make this a habit of mine, whenever I have to do some important assignment. It is really helpful as nowadays everyone carries mobile phone and beeping disturbs one so much.

Benefits of Overcoming Procrastination

If you find out the benefits of doing work in time, trust me you will start enjoying it. How to stop procrastinating is directly proportional to the benefits associated with this.  If you are a student, business executive, director, sales person; in a nutshell meeting deadline is essential in every walk of life. Student can lose good grades, if he reaches late at exam hall, sales person can lose potential clients if he is not pitching the right customers at the right time. Business executives can lose major business deals if they delay their proposals or get late in meeting the board of directors meeting. Habit of delaying or procrastinating can result in major loss of work, if symptoms as well as solution to this problem is not found and dealt with.