10 Types of Facebook Friends – Infographic With their Annoyance Factor

Facebook has just became a giant social network where there is a possibility of finding any kind of friend. Sometimes facebook act as a good platform to help you meet the lost ones. Inspite of all this, there are types of Facebook Friends which fall in different categories. Today, I thought to show you the other side of picture and let your summarize your every kind of friend through this amazing infographic which has been designed by me (Wamiq Ali). Enjoy sharing it on the facebook and pointing out your amazing Facebook Friends.

10 Types of Facebook Friends – Infographic:

Type of Facebook Friends infographic[medium]

Details on the 10 Types of Facebook Friends:

Following are some more lines on the above described kind of Facebook friends. The range from happiness giving to the cause of tension.

1- One Who Keeps an Eye:

It’s a kind of friend who never ever comments on any of your post done at the Facebook but practically knows everything. And sometimes makes fun of your content in the friend community despite never having a comment experience.

2- One who updates lots of Facebook Status:

This is a kind of friend who never misses an opportunity to tell the world that he was here or there. His Facebook timeline is the real time line of the events that took place in his life.

3- One Who Spoils your every posted thing on Facebook:

This is a kind of friend who has some sort of irritation with you always. He never loses a moment to spoil your image or post on the facebook. He just finds out a source of negativity and tries to pull you leg out of it.

4- One who adds all of your friends in the list:

This is a kind of really irritating kid, who just adds everyone in your friendlist without even knowing them. The real trouble comes for you when he adds your girlfriend without your permission. Sigh!

5- One who is always looking for a real friend:

There is a kind of man who always gives you suggestion something like this: “Will you be my real true friend?” And then you just want to kill him for his reall nonsense. Sometimes you call him as a girl stalker.

6- The Stalker:

This is a kind of man who lives in the past and never misses a chance to stalk his ex girlfriend. He just opens facebook to have a look on the public updates of other people to see that what others are doing, this is a kind of man who just always have crushes.

7- The Royal Baby who never replies:

This is a kind of friend who just sees the message but never worries to reply to you. He thinks himself some sort of royal person who has got some level to ignore you. (I prefer not to give a damn to such people)

8- One who is always Heart Broken – The Lost Romeo:

This is a kind of person who always shares some kind of heart broken stuff, like a pathetic status update. Some kind of heart broken quotations and blah blah. He just wants to convey something hidden to his ex or his present girlfriend.

9- The So called Genius:

Here is a friend who always tries to mess up your news feed with all the kin of shared links. He keeps on reading (So called) articles and share them on the facebook depending upon the popularity.

10 – The Ticker King:

He just keeps an eye on the ticker and reaches there wherever you have just commented. He is a ticker enthusiast and never misses your one update even though that may be a personal matter.

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