10 tips to Reduce stress

Stress is a state of mind, which is quite known to everyone.  Dealing with stress means finding all the sources of stress in our lives and after diagnosing symptoms, curing the process with the adoption of stress management.

Stress management concept says that human beings are in control of their lives, their thoughts, emotions, and feelings are control by them. They can let their feelings over shadow them which is true in case of stress; on the other hand, they can reduce stress and keep their emotions under control.

Ways to Reduce Stress:

There are many handy and easy ways to reduce stress. They just require little efforts and believe in one self. Followings are the easy ways to deal with stress:

1- Talk to Others:

It is said that happiness doubles when you share them with others but tension is reduced to half when shared with others. Thus apply this simple strategy. When you are in stress, call a friend and have a talk. This is the most common and easiest of all means to deal with stressful situation. Many people normally find it easy to talk to their friends and share their problem with them. Another advantage if those friends are also aware of your situation and they are trustworthy. Secondly friends never give any wrong suggestions or out of the world solutions to your issues under hand.

2- Music is the Key:

Yes it is true, MUSIC helps. Listening to your favorite music under stressful situation helps in reducing stress. It is yet another easy mean to reduce stress because we all have music collection with us and it is not time consuming. If you are habitual of listening to fast music, then wait a moment; and try some softer one this time. Slow and soft music is said to reduce the blood pressure and also helps in suppressing the hormone which triggers stress.

3- Natural Views Matter:

Another good idea to reduce stress is walk. Put on your track suit, tight your joggers and go on a walking track. If possible also put on your hands free and listens to your favorite music too. The process shall not only reduce stress but will also help you in remaining healthy.

4- Change the situation:

For this step, you first need to understand the situation which is causing stress. If there is some business problem or any family issue, just change the situation and adopt assertive approach. Learn to say NO and stay focused.

5- Time Management:

At times due to less time for a routine job also makes one stressful. Thus another good mean to reduce stress is to manage your time effectively. Learn to prioritize your tasks and assignments. Never stress yourself beyond your capacity. Try to get maximum out of the available time and manage your work life effectively.

6- Think Big; be positive.

If any situation is bothering you then try to look at the positive side of the situation. Learn to capitalize on the bad situation. Or else try to memorize your strengths and your rewards. Look for your success in your life and the thought will surely build your confidence, motivate you and will make you happy.

7- Self Talk:

Trust me, it helps. I normally do this and ask myself what is wrong with me. You can only be truthful to yourself than with anyone else in this entire universe. Ask yourself, talk to you, say it loud and if you feel like even cry loud. Say it out and you will feel really ease at heart.

8- Fill your Stomach:

Some people eat a lot when they are stressed. So you can fill your stomach with good and healthy food to reduce stress. Well make sure you don’t end up gaining weight in return, so my emphasis is on having healthy food not junk.

9- Have some good time:

Smile on little jokes or laugh it loud. Some people say they find it easy to laugh loud to reduce stress and they see good results too. So this time if you have any stress, so just laugh it out. Find a friend to laugh or just do with alone too.

10- Good Sleep:

This is another means with which I reduce stress. Good sleep is also said to reduce the hormones which causes stress and relax mind. Body gets relaxed when you get a good sleep and your mind is devoid of all tensions.

It is not difficult to fight stress, if you know the symptoms of it. The mere thought that we ourselves are in control of our lives and out mind situations really help. Try to get away from the thoughts and situations which make you tense. The best mean to reduce stress is to feel happy, keep you at bay from all the worrisome situations and have fun time.