10 things travelling alone will teach you

Written by Jawaria

Travelling is a very exciting and learning experience of life. Everyone travels in life, some people restrict themselves to travel just to their workplace and relatives whereas the lively people prefer travelling to new places and getting exposure to new challenges and thrills. People mostly travel in groups that may be of family or friends or a bunch of people having a similar interest. Travelling alone is an adventure in itself and it leads to many new learning opportunities. Following are some of the things that you can learn travelling alone.

1) It’s just YOURSELF!

Learning about anything starts after knowing yourself. Knowing your limit allows to progress very rapidly in life and to know yourself, you need to test yourself. On very important thing travelling alone teaches you is your limits. When you travel alone, you are free from any responsibility and can do some crazy things that would test your limits. Once you know yourself, life becomes very easy and full of joy.

2) Freedom

We say we live free but that is not the case with most of people. Travelling alone allows you to do whatever you want with no one to stop you at anything advising you to care for yourself and stuff like that. You can enjoy your time to the full and in doing so, you can always discover a side of yourself you never knew before. It leads to many hidden talents’ discovery. You can even chose places to travel without any issue of others and there a lot of places to travel alone that you can enjoy to get the most out of your experience.

3) New People

There is a normal trend to build an image of people from different areas of the world based on the data available on internet or from what you might have heard from others. Not all people are the same and not everything told to you is true to say the least. You just can’t know others unless you meet them personally and interact on different phases or situations of life. Meeting new people and knowing them is a thrilling experience and it teaches a lot of things including some hacks to make your life easy.

4) Chasing your Dreams

We are always advised to chase our dreams and stop at nothing to do so by our teachers and elders but the harsh reality is that the very same people stop us to do so relating their acting to our own benefit and some life experience of their own. Travelling alone gives you an opportunity to forget about all that and truly go after your dreams. You don’t have to look back and find someone holding you back. You can only then live your full potential and do something with complete intend and power. It can possibly lead you to your life goal.

5) Trusting Others

Trust is a very important factor in a healthy relationship and mentally relaxing life. You come across many times when you have to trust others and sometimes do the opposite. Travelling alone provides you many instances to ask other for help and when you get that experience, you get a pretty good idea of whom to trust and whom not to. It helps you making decisions in your daily life too.

6) Survival Instincts

Life is unfair and it doesn’t stop at anything to teach you this lesson repeatedly. The law of nature is the survival of fittest and to survive in the harsh conditions, you have to enhance your survival capabilities. You may come across some difficult times during your travel and if you are alone, you have to get out of it yourself. This teaches you a lot of techniques to survive and to be brave and confident of yourself that you can never do when you have some helper.

7) Time Management

When you don’t have anyone to drag along, you can do many things and a common practice is to make a list of things to do. When you have a lot of things to do, you plan. And to execute any plan, you have to manage the time properly and travelling alone teaches you this effectively as you don’t have to blame anyone else for getting late and failing to keep up a couple of times can teach you most efficiently how to manage the time.

8) Your Strengths

Everyone has some hidden talents that you can never know if you keep following the same routine all your life. New experience brings out new talent hidden in yourself. You can explore your strengths while travelling alone better and faster than even some motivation. You may be shy of trying something and then failing in it that stops you even trying something. You can try anything when alone in such situations and as a result, you can even pull it off and realize that you had that in you all the time, you just had to try. Even if you fail, no one is there is laugh at you.

9) Your Shortcomings

Blaming others is a very easy and commonly adopted technique to get out of trouble in daily life. You might have been through some of these times where you knew that you were at fault but to save your job of anything, you might have lied and blamed someone else. Rather than improving yourself, you might have ignored it due to busy routine or anything else. Being alone, you get a chance to know your own faults and improve them for good.

10) Sense of Enjoying Your Life

People don’t enjoy their life fully as they have responsibilities of others as well and forget how to do so eventually. Travelling alone allows you to refresh that and know the real way to enjoy the life and be happy. It is your life and you should be the only one to decide how to live and enjoy that, not anyone else.

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