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10 Things about Apple company You didn’t know

source: wiki

source: wiki

At one point in history, Apple company actually used to be a tech industry underdog. As unlikely as it seems today, now that Apple company is world’s second largest IT company, it was true once. Apple company is cited as most valuable brand in the world today, it is truly a giant of the tech world.

Apple company was established in 1976 to sell personal computer kit (Apple I). The Apple company faced low success with its first two computers, Apple I and Apple II. It wasn’t till Macintosh that Apple found huge success for the first time.

In the 1990s, Apple company saw a sharp decline in its fortune, this due to number of failed products and very unrealistic market forecasts. Apple company had to wait till the 2000’s for a return to profitability with the introduction of iPod, Mac OS X and iPhone.

This article will share some less known facts/quirky things about Apple company you probably did not know. From less known stories to quirky ideas that thankfully never came true, these will change the way you think about the tech giants.

First Color Digital Camera was sold by Apple Company

apple company - camera

source: wiki

The very first mass-market color digital camera ‘Apple Quicktake 100’ was produced by Apple company in 1994. It was capable of taking eight photographs and storing them, before transferring to an Apple computer using serial cable.

It was pretty awful by today’s high standards, having just one megapixel of resolution and had a high price of $749. Still, it was revolutionary for the time and helped cement the position of apple as tech innovators even further.

Steve Wozniak still remains Apple Employee

apple company - steve

source: wiki

Apple founder Steve Wozniak left Apple in 1987 and the story is well-documented. Wozniak didn’t get along with managing, as his true passion laid with engineering.

Despite termination of full-time employment, Wozniak is still an employee of Apple, technically. He receives a stipend, around $120,000 every year, and is one of the company’s major stock holder.

‘Macintosh’ could have been called ‘Bicycle”

source: wiki

source: wiki

The Apple company’s Apple Macintosh (now called just the Mac) was named as so because Jef Raskin’s favorite apple was the Macintosh. Steve Jobs did not like the name very much, which was initially just a code word for the whole project and wanted it to be changed to Bicycle.

Steve Jobs was a stubborn person and not easy on giving up, so he made repeated attempts at changing the name while Raskin was not around, but ‘Macintosh’ stuck and that was what got passed down history.

China and Fake Apple Stores Problem !

This is quite a well-known fact that a lot Apple knock off products come out from China. The issue doesn’t just end here as there are even hundreds of fake Apple stores that are rampant across the country.

Some of these stores appear so convincing that even employees believe they are working at the original store. Apple has strong policy against these stores claiming to be licensed, but these establishments are almost indistinguishable from originals.

Apple Actually had Three Founders

source: wiki

source: wiki

Not many people know this, and when they are asked about the founders of Apple, they would probably reply with Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak, but actually there were three founders. Ronald Wayne was also part of original partnership agreement.

Wayne designed/drew the first logo of the Apple company and also wrote the Apple I menu. Due to debt concerns, he sold his 10% share of the company for $800. Today, if he had kept it, the share would have been around $35 Billion.

Ridley Scott Directed an Apple Company Advertisement !

The ‘1984’ Apple commercial was considered one of the greatest advertising in history of advertising. Most of the credit is due direction of Ridley Scott, who managed to portray Apple as a new tech company that would save the tech industry from conformity.

If we compare the scale and unique aesthetics of the special ‘1984’ advertisement to Apple’s current, minimalistic style of TV ads, it seems quite a shame and downsizing of great ideas.

Isaac Newton was on first Apple Logo!

source: wiki

source: wiki

One of the most iconic logos in the world, Apple logo currently feature a bite taken out of stylized fruit. This rainbow apple was not the original design of the Apple company though.

Originally, the logo had Isaac Newton sitting under a tree just as an apply was about to hit his head. The original logo didn’t lasted long though as it was realized that a lot of the detail was lost when printed at a scale required for products.

Apple ships everything by air

apple company - cathay

source: wiki

It is much cheaper to ship by sea than by air, that is why majority of tech manufacturers tend to ship by sea. Apple on the other hand, ships all of their stock by air and are biggest freight customers of Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong airline.

How it helps Apple is that it significantly reduces the time for stock to deliver. In this way, money invested in stock gets far more quickly returned to the investors.

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