10 Skills you can acquire by self learning

Throughout our life we get to answer this question repeatedly in various places, “tell us about yourself”. What do you end up saying? The most common answer which most of us give is about our qualification and that’s it. Many of us at those moments think that is that it, really? Aren’t we able to do anything else or don’t we posses any special skill which can differentiate us from the common man? To such queries, the solution is simple. There is a dire need of having a positive approach towards self learning. Once we do that, we can add in several other points to our curriculum-vitas.

1- Self learning- a way to acquire skills

There are numerous skills which you can learn once you make an effort for them. When it comes to listing them, you’ll be amazed that why didn’t you know about them earlier. Here are some of the best ones which require learning a bit of technical tips and some tricks to become an expert on them.

2- Become a great cook:

The love of food can lead us to do several things. One of them apart from visiting every restaurant and tasting all kinds of food is to cook them yourself and you know what? It doesn’t require much effort. All you have to do is take a step towards self learning. This can be done by going through various recipes and following them to cook good food.

3- Learn how to make a video:

Making videos on software such as after effects require special skills. It’s not a job that anyone could handle easily but it’s something that anyone can learn easily. The credit once again goes to self learning. Read out the tutorial and follow the steps it says. It’s that easy. Once you have learned the basics, it’s in your hands to experiment with the software.

4- Run your own blog:

For writers out there, pouring out their thought or researching and coming up with the best information on a topic is thrilling. If you enjoy writing and love to surf on internet, then you can take a step toward blogging. It’s not that hard and you can easily learn and do it from your place. Will saves you the expense of travelling, wouldn’t it?

5- Learn to pay music:

Music is a separate world in itself. Do you share a passion for music? Then you’ll surely love to play the instrument. Learning how to play it isn’t difficult. You don’t need special training or teaching to learn how the instrument works but when it comes to becoming a professional then of course there’s a difference. Choose an instrument you love to hear and opt self learning to know how it works.

6- Become an expert in a subject:

Another skill is to gain knowledge about any specific subject. By reading it or studying it deeply, you can become an expert on it. It is a great skill to know everything about a subject.

7- Learn photography:

Do you love taking pictures? Is your facebook wall full of photographs you have taken with a bunch of your friends and your family members? Then you can make it your new skill. Learn how to capture pictures with some special techniques so that everyone loves your photography. Numerous tips are given in the articles present on internet. You can go through them and do different experiments with your camera.

8- Want to be the best player of the video game?

Not a bad option, in fact it’s really good to do what you love. If you are an Xbox freak or love to spend your time playing video games then you can surely excel in any of the game that is your most favorite. For the games lover, it’s not necessary to tell them what they got to do in order to become best at playing a game but still, practice is all that’s required.

9- Become a designer:

Designing is a simple technique work which anyone can do by paying attention at self learning. Look out at the designs most commonly present in the market. Do a good research on the popular most designs and what is loved by the people. All it requires is a good aesthetic sense.

10- Organizing an event:

Birthday parties, wedding, get together and many other events continue to go on throughout the year. Many people hire event organizers to organize their event. If you are good at handling things and managing them, then there is a bright chance that you can organize events.

11- Tour guide:

Generation nowadays is eager to visit beautiful and historic places. Have you travelled around the world or wish to do so? You can become a guider. Get some detailed information about a specific place through books or random internet search. You can also experience the beauty of the place yourself and impart this self learning knowledge to others.