10 Qualities of a Good Leader

Some people are born leaders and some needs practice to become one. Then there are some good leaders and some just have the authority to be called so. There are certain qualities of a good leader that make the person effective so that the others follow him. A leader differs from the followers mainly due to the same reasons. Here is a list of the qualities that make the difference between a good and a bad leader.

1- Leading by example

The difference between a leader and a boss is that a boss gives the order and the workers do all the work whereas a leader leads the path and give the workers a role model to follow. This practice of leading rather than ordering motivates the workers and the net gain of leadership is larger than the bossy stuff due to that. It brings the seniors and juniors at the workplace together and when something is done with dedication, it yields a lot. This is one of the critical qualities of a good leader.

2- Innovative

Man is a social animal and animals follow the orders implemented on them. Mind and the ability to think differentiate the man from animals and innovation is one of the major qualities of a good leader. An innovative person is always a better leader because he seeks to find new and better ways to do the work with his team. And when the man force supports and comes up with new ideas, this whole thing leads to better and motivated team ready to give their best every time they get the opportunity.

3- Supportive

Being a leader doesn’t mean that you are the most important and mind blowing person in the world. Though some leaders take that as their right and idea coming from anyone but them is considered minor by their ego. A good leader is supportive and welcomes all the new ideas and innovations by the workers even at the lowest working level. Supporting someone makes him mentally strong and the workers come up with great ideas as they are the ones who do the hard work and their knowledge is mostly neglected which should not be and they can provide simple solutions to many difficult problems. A good leader knows that and supports his team to excel in the market.

4- Open to criticism

One can have a nervous breakdown upon criticism and that doesn’t reflect a good leader. A good leader always welcomes the criticism as it provides a kind of feedback and lets you know the faults and the areas where the improvements is required to get the things done in a better way. A very common term used is constructive criticism. It is used by people who want to improve themselves and use the criticism constructively and make the necessary improvements in their methodology where required.

5- Honest

A very famous quote you can listen being quoted is that honesty is the best policy. No doubt it is, especially when it comes to the leadership. Being honest with your work and the workers is and important thing to consider. Being honest with yourself and your work allows you to set your targets wisely and get motivated by their completion in time, rather than setting very high targets and get demotivated by being unsuccessful at the end. Being honest with the workers allows you to win their trust and make a devoted team. One of the best qualities of a good leader is to know how to take the best out of his team and it can be accomplished only through honesty.

6- Workaholic

You simply can’t be a good leader if you don’t like to work yourself. Being a leader may seem easier than to be lead to some people but it is just the opposite in reality. Leadership comes with a lot of responsibilities and frankly, they demand a lot more than a simple worker or manager. One of the most important qualities of a good leader is being a work horse. Being a leader means to do your own work as well as review the work of others and it kind of doubles the workload.

7- Management

Managing the team properly can be said to be the most important quality of a good leader. Managing includes the distribution of work, setting the goals and distributing the things to be done among the team taking the time slots in consideration as well. Managing a team is a tedious work and it requires certain set of skills to pull it out efficiently.

8- Risk taker

Risk taking is a very tricky aspect of business as it puts your business on the line but it sure does pay well when the things turn in your favor. It stands true for any aspect of life and taking calculated risks is one of the best qualities of a good leader that helps the team to grow and excel in the market. A bad leader may hold back due to risk and play safe, while losing the important growth potential.

9- Mentally strong

Things don’t always turn out as you plan them and there are failures in life at many instances. Being mentally strong to tackle those failures is very important for any team especially its leader to grow and prosper. Mental strength is one of the qualities of a good leader that make him the one to grow and take his lead for the home run. The bottom-line of life can summarized as: to grow in life, you have to fail and get right back up from the failure with a new motivation.

10- Determined

Procrastinating is a very common fault especially in young people and it doesn’t make anyone a leader. You have to be determined and focused to achieve your goals and keep your team in one piece to grow and make a name for yourself. A good leader is always determined and no matter what comes in the way, he passes it with a bang making the impact that takes the team to a whole new level.