10 Places to Visit Before You Die

Nature is beautiful and there are places that deserve a visit in person rather than just peeking through the photos taken by others. It is true that no one gets enough time to explore the beauty of our world, but there are certain places that you can’t avoid visiting.

There is a variety in places to visit as the taste of every individual can be different and no two minds think alike in most of the situations. Different tastes make the choices different even of the places that one seems valuable to visit. Some like natural beauty, some like historical ones and many others like other places. The taste of a person can be changed by experience and in terms of tourism, you don’t know the beauty of a place until you visit it personally. There are certain places in the world that can change your mind towards them and the places alike. Here is a list of the places to visit before you die.

Swat Valley, Pakistan:


One of the most beautiful places of natural beauty is Swat Valley in Pakistan. It has green fields, lakes and some breathtaking sceneries that attract tourists from all parts of the world every year. There are many hotels and tourists spots in the valley where you can stay and enjoy the natural beauty to please your eyes. Other than the natural beauty, Swat is also known as the heaven of Archeologists. There are many remains of the ancient history and some UNESCO recognized cultural heritage sites which are mostly the remains of the Buddhist culture and their monks. It is indeed one of the places to visit before you die if you are a nature or history lover.

Plitvice Lakes, Crotia:


One of the most attracting feature of a holiday spot is its views and facilities where one can relax and forget about all the tension from the routine work. Plitvice Lakes in Crotia is one of a kind place to visit. It has waterfalls, lakes, resorts, and all that you require to enjoy a luxurious holiday. The path in between the lakes where you can sit all day long staring at the natural beauty and not get bored even then.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil:


Waterfalls at the border of Argentina and Brazil falling into the River Iguazu is a place to visit before you die for two reasons. First, due to its enormous beauty and attraction, and secondly, to see the different kinds of boundaries between the countries that don’t create any problem. The falls are mostly on the Argentinian side of the border whereas the river is mostly in Brazil. This also makes the boundary between the two countries.

Paris, France:


There are a lot of movies that show the beauty of Paris, France to enjoy. There are places like Eifel Tower that you to visit to experience the thrill yourself. You cannot match the excitement of visiting in person to that on screen only. The tourist-friendly environment will surely make your visit one to remember.

The Great Wall of China:


Everyone knows the wonders of world and it is not like any other place to visit. When you visit China, the trip can’t be completed without the visit to The Great Wall. People say it is visible from moon, what if the time you visit it, scientists are taking pictures of the place, and it does seem fantasizing to visit at that moment. Even if they are not, visiting a wonder of world is always a visit worth a life time.

Yosemite Valley, USA:


Yosemite Valley is a place worth visiting due to its distribution of mountains, trees and with that, the fog makes the view nothing less than mesmerizing. You can also boat through the trees and enjoy the view from within via the lake.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-

Did you watch the Fast & Furious series or the animated Rio and Rio 2? If you have, you’ll know the beauty of Rio. Even if you haven’t watched them yet, it is not hard to admire the beauty of the island. With all the traditional settlements and the natural beauty of the place, this is indeed a place to visit before dying.

Pamukkale, Turkey:

Pamukkale, Turkey-

Swimming pools and bath tubs are a common way to relax your body and enjoy the weather. What if the tubs were not of plastic or the pools not bounded by some cement or any other construction material? Well, you must visit Turkey and not to mention Pamukkale for its natural pools and tubs made of snow. You can relax and enjoy the cold altogether.

Navagio Bay, Greece:

Navagio Bay, Greece-

Beach is a very nice place to visit. It is always nice to catch some sun and enjoy the sea view upfront. It is often crowded though that ruins the moments for the ones who enjoy their own company or for a couple on a honeymoon, wanting some alone time. Navagio Bay in Greece is an ideal choice for those people. The wide view of water and a nice comfortable place to relax and enjoy. It is a kind of beach with the additional facility of reefs and plants on the hills providing a scenery to enjoy.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe:

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe-

Waterfalls are always amazing to visit and one to the places to visit to enjoy the waterfalls up close is Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls there are accompanied by the roads and the sitting places that will help you praise the creativity of the Mother Nature and the beauty there is to cherish for.

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