10 photos which prove that Japan is unlike any country

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Japan is an archipelago which is off the coast of Eastern Asia. The country faced a lot of trouble after the World War II because its major economy was collapsed. A cause of this economical collapse is the retaliation of America. However, later in the years to come, American aid helped Japan and the city was reborn from the ashes. Today, there are huge manufacturing facilities in Japan which makes it economically one of the strongest nations in the world.

The Japanese culture is a little different from the rest of the world. To a lot of people it may appear out of the line but many understand the values and social mores which make Japan. These Japanese social mores are way different than the Western values. Thus making some sense out of their cultural values can be a little difficult. However, this article will attempt to bring the reader a little closer to the Japan.

1# The fountain which displays time in Japan

Everyone might have seen fountains in the world at different places, these are installed to give some good look to the surrounding area. However, this fountain in Japan actually shows time.

2# A hotel in Japan where Robots are present

Visiting a hotel in Japan can end up someone visiting a hotel managed by robots. Well, this is true, the technology transfer to Japan was so successful that robots in hotels are a common thing in Japan.

3# Luggage pickup in Japan is quite organized

Often passengers are angry with the luggage moving facility of the airports. Some are quite concerned about their luggage because of the important items which their luggage carries from the abroad and back to their home. Japan is an exception.

4# Crops art is quite prevalent in Japan

Rice paddy art is quite prevalent in Japan. The farmers not only grow their food but they also are keen to give an artistic look to their farm. People plant rice of various types and colors in order to create unique images in Paddy Field.

5# Good gesture of Japanese police

So this foreigner felt a little lost in Japan, thus he preferred to visit a police booth nearby. He explained his problem and a few seconds later he saw the officer drawing a map on paper to make him reach the intended place. Such a kind gesture!

6# Seating etiquette explained through a sign

It’s quite considerate of Japanese authorities that they have displayed signs to make people understand the seating etiquette so that no one many feel uncomfortable.

7# Signs showing the age of the driver

Japanese are well organised because their cars show the age of the driver. There are different kind of signs which help the outside people understand the age of the car driver. That V-shaped sign means that the driver is new while that egg shaped sign means that there is an old driver.

8# Unattended grocery store only in Japan

There can be unattended grocery stores in Japan. These people kind of trust their values. This grocery store has a clear message that pickup the required things and leave the money. The owner of the grocery store is relying on the honesty of the visitors.

9# Flight delayed in Japan and this is what happens

If a flight gets delayed in Japan then they think it as their own loss. They bow down before the passenger to apologize for the delay. They understand that if one person gets late then it is bad for their economical development.

10# How about a nice delivery message

Japanese also make sure that they may feel civilized when they are not meeting the person in reality. Thus when this person received his parcel, the sender had made sure that all the etiquette were followed. This made the day of the package receiver quite special.

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