10 photos that show how insanely cold America is at moment

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The USA is currently facing quite a cold temperature and it has somehow jeopardised the life of the local residents. It has become almost impossible to move around in some parts of the country because of the intense cold. There are several incidents reported which happened because of this extremely cold weather. Some casualties were also witnessed, as those who failed to take preemptive meausres against the cold succumbed to its intensity. The reason behind this cold atmosphere is the polar vortex which locks the cool breeze in the arctic region of the world. However, during the winter time the polar vortex is expanded to the northern areas of the USA. This causes those coldest winds to travel in the America. Chigaco and Lake Michigan have been hard hit by these cold winds. The temperature in these areas has dropped to record breaking low.

Some people despite warnings brave the weather and took these breath taking pictures

There are a few people who don’t like to hide in their homes. They want to go outside and enjoy the weather. A few of these people took these amazing pictures of the Polar Vortex and shared it with the internet.

Someone travelled above the Lake Michigan in this cold weather and he was surprised to watch the frozen water. Therefore he took a picture and shared it with the internet.

The freezing cold caused this ice mould to be formed. This picture was taken after the rain, the impression actually looks quite neat and well formed. Nature has formed it and it appears like the work of a skillful artist. Therefore it would be safe to call that nature itself is one of the biggest artist.

The water got frozen and it exploded the tank, how? Because water expands when it freezes and this expansion must have posed a uniform force on the water tank, making it burst. Now, this means that the same house might have some broken pipes as well? Because it is possible.

Its so cold outside that any liquid water can be frozen within seconds, the reason behind this phenomenon is the below zero temperature. Therefore several people used this freezing property of water to create some good effects. Like look at this guy, he threw water in the air only to create this wonderful effect and later get it captured on the camera.

Travelling in such a cold weather is not an easy thing and this requires lots of planning and alternative safety geares to make up for any chance of calamity. Railways tracks suffer some wear and tear because of the snow and are often rendered useless because of this cold weather. Therefore, the tracks in Chicago are set on fire to warm them up and avoid any hindrance to railways.

Imagine the level of the cold, the anti-freeze has also frozen. This is because of the temperature below the freezing point. If the temperature is quite intense then even an anti-freeze can’t hold up from being frozen and this can be damaging for the engine.

Just have a look at this fire fighter, he appears to be frozen with cold. However, still the fire fighter is performing his duty, these workers are paid meager in terms of salary but still they want to serve the humanity and for that reason they are willing to put everything on stake.

This is so freezing that even the eyelashes of this person have frozen. This must have been a frustrating experience keeping in mind that a person blinks his eyes quite often. This must be disturbing in experience because a lot of people want everything to be perfect.

It’s what happens when someone tries to blow bubbles in the air. The bubbles get frozen because of the negative temperature. It must be a fun activity because this is something new and exciting. Not many people know that bubbles can be frozen as well because of the cold temperature. This picture is a proof that this can happen.

Ever watched some frozen eggs? Well, these frozen eggs sow that polar vortex is happening. The weather is so cold that even the eggs upon breaking their shell appear to be frozen. This is incredible.

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