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10 most overpriced yet valuable items which we are forced to use!

A lot of things in daily life are overpriced just because of some factors. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about these items. In order to run our daily life we need them, thus we compromise on price and continue using them for one decade at least. Below are 10 overpriced yet valuable items which we use in daily life:

1- Mobile Data

Mobile data is an expensive thing when it comes to usage. You must be wondering, “Aye! I use the unlimited package for $30” but thing again, is it really unlimited or you are under fair usage policy of 20Gb limit. I remember visiting Dubai and knowing how much expensive their internet packages were, because of less competition with only available two cellular networks.

2- Printer Inks

You read it right, printer inks are really expensive. Some ounce of printer ink can value you upto large amounts of Gold. You might be thinking, “Printers are really cheap”. Well, yes printers are cheap but their inks are costly. The very reason manufacturers impose a reason of only letting you buy genuine inks. They spend a lot on this thing so that you may not start using unofficial inks. The reason for this deal is that printers are cheap but they get the value of research and printers out of their ink selling strategy.


3- Airport Food

The same doesn’t apply to every airport in the world. Though, it does apply to the most airports in the world. Their can be various reasons for this high cost, one being you are stuck in an island. You can’t buy your way out, so either eat what is provided or leave and miss the flight. The cost for running a retail outlet is also high on an airport, so to balance the profit the vendors use this policy.

4- College Tuition

College tuition is something which is keeping people in debts. A reddit user commented on the sensitivity of this topic as below:

$50k debt before I turn 23. Fun.

Which means, that the person is more thinking to pay off the debt rather than being productive. People who graduate out of college in 1st world countries normally get a job quickly. After getting the job it takes them a lot of years to take off the debt.

5- Hospitals and Treatment:

Research is costly, everyone agrees and then so are the treatments resulting from research. It’s simple economics game to understand that why hospitals are costly, just because of high research and supply demand. There are certain treatments which are covered under the charity. However, not all the treatments can be done with donations so still a major portion of world suffers from the cruelty of the hospitals. Though, in recent decades the treatment and quality has increased but the same quality is not reachable to everyone. A major problem in third world countries. We can only hope that humanity develops enough to give equal rights to everyone in world.

6- Bottled Water:

Bottled water has also variations, some of them cost around $1 while the others may cost you $5. The variations in price can be understood from the different in extraction and packaging processes. The greater the cost incurred till the end product, the great the cost customer has to pay for it. Also, sometimes brand name comes in too, which lets them charge more.

Conscious people, anywhere they go, force them to buy bottled water, because they are not sure about the quality of water. Sometimes this also helps other to scam by using old bottles and tap water.

7- Eye Glass Frames:

Top brands frame cost you around $480, what? You must be thinking that this is ridiculous for something so small. So, my suggestion is to not go for top brands, rather settle in for something unique coming from a small company. You can save a lot of money, small quality manufacturers sell eye glass frames for even $20 per piece.

Its the branding which you pay money for, in case of eye glass frames.

8- Wine/Champagne/Coffee in Restaurant:

It’s common for restaurants and hotels to charge you extra for a small drinking treat. Even a cup of coffee which you can make for some cents at home can cost you a lot at hotels. The reason being, you are paying for their service and environment. They invest a lot on their environment and try to maintain it every second. So, to balance the investments and earnings, they cost a little extra, and you are still happy to use their services.

9- Graphing Calculators:

Scientific calculators and graphing calculators are costly, they have a small memory and can’t store/transfer much greater than 16bits. Their bus and components are designed for lesser capacity. They have LCD panels which are cheaper than expected, but still everyone almost pays $100 extra for them, because college force them to be bought.

10- Popcorns at theatre:

Many theatres force this rule of “No taking Inside of Food Items” so that people may buy things only provided inside the theatre. Now, to enjoy your favourite movie you buy those costly popcorns, because you think that these will add more to your enjoyment. Also, everyone is buying those off so you can’t resist, and end up paying a lot extra for them.

So, this is the end of 10 overpriced yet valuable items which you use in daily life.

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