10 Mistakes which lower down your Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity today is quite an important thing without which you are nothing in this world. Have you ever thought that what are the traits of the successful people and how they actually can accomplish big? Yes, being productive is their only choice and to be productive we need to acquire a special lifestyle. In order to be productive we don’t have any choice to make such small mistakes, which I am going to mention you in this article.

If you want to be successful then keep in mind that you read all such reasons mentioned below because I am sure there may be any one of these present in you unless you are a pro-productive person who is much sure about his goals.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Do’s and Don’ts to be Successful in World:

1-Trying to Multitask:

If you are trying to multitask continuously then trust me, this is a big enemy against your productivity. Don’t try to multitask like replying to text messages, eating something in the middle and picking up phone calls during your work time. Just try to focus on one thing and leave that thing once you feel like doing another thing. That is the basic theme to be productive in anything, which you may like to do with full zeal and zest.

2-Checking Emails and Social Networks:

So you are continuously opening Facebook tab in your browser to keep a check for notifications. That is really wrong attitude and in this way you are going to end your productivity, and that task, which could be done in 15 minutes now, will take around an hour. Same goes for checking your emails quite often during your work time. Try to avoid such habits and check social networks only when you are done with your work.

3- Keeping your work space too much cluttered:

If you’ll keep your desk cluttered then, I am sure you are killing your productivity. You’ll feel odd about your desk eventually when you will misplace something during your work, and it’s going to affect your workflow. Thus, to be productive the first rule is to stay organized.

4- Too much comfortable environment:

If you are working in too much comfortable environment, then you are at fault of making your self too much lazy. You’ll soon doze to nap. You will fatigue your body by sitting on too much comfortable chair. That’s the basic rule to do work that your work environment must be neither too much comfortable and nor too much hard to live in, just keep a balance between the two parameters of coziness.

5- Notifications are the problem:

If you are checking every notification either that’s from your mobile, telephone or else fax machine then I may tell you that, you are killing your productivity. If you are following such scheme then the task, which needs all of your attention is going to be less productive in nature.

6- Allowing others to bug you during your work time:

Researches show that if you got some noisy co-workers then you area ending up with being less productive. You will be disturbed every second due to the buggy surrounding. The result of this would be like not doing your work properly and getting some poor outcomes. Thus, choose your work environment quite wisely and make sure that no one bugs you during your work time.

7- You have created a much long to do list:

Some people think that a, to do list, is going to help them a lot doing their work. But the reality is that a long, to do list, is just going to increase your anxiety level. You know that you will not be able to do all those mentioned tasks in 24 hours but still you make that list. I advice you not to do anything like this instead break your work schedule into smaller parts that you can do with happiness.

8- You are not taking much sleep:

Find the best sleep time according to your nature, but If you are taking only 3 hours of sleep in 24 hours and you are disturbing your biological clock then you area t mistake. Because not getting much sleep will make your mind go sleep during work hours. As a result, you will be less productive and will end up with bad outcomes again. Thus, sleep well and be sure that you are not exhausted from doing any work.

9- You don’t have a priority list:

You don’t have a priority list is a big mistake which you are committing, actually a priority list is something like piling up your tasks depending upon their importance. Make sure that you have a priority list and follow that list once you are in your work routine. In this way, you will be able to do the most important tasks at the priority.

10- No Proper Plan:

If you don’t have a proper plan then how will you achieve something big. Plans play an important part in the productivity. If you have a goal, then carve a path to achieve that goal otherwise without plans things go wrong. Make a stepwise plan and give proper time to follow the plan.