10 miserable men captured while their women were shopping

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Shopping is an activity which is quite loved by the women of all ages. Many women like to do window shopping before deciding to buy anything. Men mostly don’t like to go on shopping for a longer period of time, they just don’t feel comfortable. Most men prefer to wear same clothes every week, however the case of women is different. Women simply can’t repeat the same kinds of clothes after they have worn it on some function. This as a result urges them to have a cupboard full of variety of dresses. Therefore they enjoy going on thes shopping, however when compared to men it can be a different story.

The above picture shows a worrisome amount of men waiting for their significant others to complete the shopping. Almost everyone is bored of the activity and most of them are using smartphones to divert their attention from the shopping mall.

As it happens with most men, this one guy in the picture can be seen waiting for his significant other to come back. He is definitely holding a purse and other things which his woman has purchased. A common sight in most shopping malls.

The above picture is also telling the same story. This is taken from a shopping mall which is multi-storey. These guys are kind of bored with the entire shopping process and they are spending the best of their time using smartphones.

This one old man literally stands beside the opening door of the brand shop while his wife or daughter is inside buying something. The expressions on his face are priceless and he feels exhausted by the amount of time he spend on the shopping activity.

This man literally posed for the photo to be shared online. He his holding somewhat 6-7 bags of shopping. Many men can relate to this activity of holding bags for the women. The bags are often heavy and females can’t hold them all, thus men have to do the duty.

This is the picture of a multi-brand shopping mall, these two men must be waiting for their fellows to end the shopping. Meanwhile, they are doing their usual stuff using the smartphones and laptops. The guy on the left is exhausted enough that he thought of using the mall space for office work.

Sleeping in the Adidas store is a little ironical, the brand is known for the sports wear. Athletes are quite active who wear Adidas. Irony is this man sleeping right in the official outlet of the Adidas store.

This man is definitely trying hard to pass his time. He is using a touch screen to spend his time in a better manner. Obviously he is waiting for her woman to come back meanwhile he does these touch gestures. Poor men, it would be okay to say.

Look at this man, he definitely is tired enough to site properly. Meanwhile his significant other purchases things, he has decided to take a quick nap. A funny incident which is not seen everywhere. The condition of this man is awkward and required sympathy.

Like every other picture the above picture doesn’t require any explanation. The poor guy is taking a brief respite from the shopping. He is sleeping in a shopping mall and definitely looks tired enough to cope with the shopping.

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