10 iPhone Gestures and Shortcuts that you didn’t knew

iPhone Gestures and Shortcuts

#1 Pinch-to-zoom on videosiPad_wRet_Pinch_Wht_Photo_PRINT

Pinch-to-zoom is gesture we all commonly use on picture to zoom in to them. Did you know it also work on videos. Videos being played from local storage can be zoomed into with pinch-to-zoom. It’s a great way to see more detail in your videos.

#2 Tap and hold to bring up closed tabs in SafariIMG_0081

In the Safari app, you can open the tab view through the icon in the lower right-hand corner. Then tap and hold on the new tab icon (a plus) to see your recently closed tabs. You can also tap and hold on individual tabs to reorder them in the tab view.

#3 Quicker zooming in Apple Mapsapple-maps-connect1-1920

In Maps you can use double tap with single finger to zoom in and double tap with two fingers to zoom out. In Google Maps for iOS, by the way, you can double-tap and then hold, then move your finger up or down the screen to zoom out of or into the current map.

#4 Swipe down to hide the keyboard in iMessage28bits-imessage-videoSixteenByNine600

If you are in iMessenger and you want to scroll back through the conversation without keyboard. Swipe down on the conversation quickly to hide that keyboard. To bring that keyboard back again just tap on the enter text bar.

#5 Tap and hold to switch keyboardssxJEn

f you tap and hold on the number symbol on the keyboard, rather than tapping, you can pick out a character and then jump back to the original keyboard without another tap. It works in reverse, and with the special character keyboard, too.

#6 Shake to undoundo-typing-iphone

Shake to undo your last action in many apps, including Apple ones like Mail and Messages. It can bring back archived messages or remove the last bit of text you entered.

#7 Swipe down to save email draftsiphone-6-plus-mail

If you are working on a mail in Apple mail you can swipe down to save that mail and enter your inbox.

#8 Tap and drag to select photosphotos-iphone-share-multiple-photos-screens-01_0

This feature was included in iOS 9 last year. TapSelect in the Photos app, and as well as tapping individual pictures, you can also tap and drag to highlight several at once. It’s similar to holding down the Shift key on your desktop computer.

#9 Tap and hold to archive messagesmail-archive-trash-single-message

In Apple mail, if you tap and hold the trash icon, you get the option to delete or archive it

#10 Swipe right to go backSlide-right-to-go-back-a-step

By swiping right from the left edge of the screen. It works in most native Apple apps and other major apps, with third-party developers free to implement or ignore it as they see fit.