10 interview questions to ask before hiring an employee

Hiring an employee is one of the most important job for Human Resource department of any firm because the success of your organization depends upon the devotion and talent of your work force . It seems to be a very difficult process at times but there are some protocols and guidelines which can make this work a lot easier. Selecting a desired person just by filtering out the pile of CVs is not an appropriate process because it doesn’t gives you the complete overlook of your employee . In some cases applying a filter of interview becomes necessary. How can an interviewer make an interview more helpful to select out the most energetic and rightful candidate?

Here is the list of some important interview questions to ask to conduct an interview more effectively.

interview questions to ask

1- Tell me about yourself.

This question seems to be a simple one but this will give you an idea of your employee’s mentality that how he pictures himself. Either he is confident and proud or shy and reluctant to introduce himself properly.

2- What do you know about the company and job?

Second interview question to ask on the list is that what you know about our company, products and services. This will tell you that how serious is that candidate that either he is there really for seeking job or he just came for a time pass. If he is really there for the job then he must have done some homework and would have some basic knowledge about that particular company of yours.

3- Why do you want this job?

This is another important interview question to ask. This will tell you the passion of the person to work for you. This would also tell you that where lies the interests of that person. This will specify the main objectives of person for coming into your organization. Money, although, is a primary initiative. Other than that what are the inspiration of getting this job. Is he really passionate? Or is he wants to join you for a favor?

4- Why should we hire you?

This is one of the most important interview question to ask. This question can tell you about the potential and passion of candidate to work within your organization. This will also enlighten the capabilities of candidate. Asking this question will enable you to know that either he possesses a certain set of skill which are your requirement or not?

5-  What are the biggest accomplishments in your life?

This interview question will give you the caliber of that person and what are really his achievements. If he is really capable and has done something he would be telling this in first person (I, We Etc.). But if he is just trying to be in someone else’s shoes and telling you about the things which he haven’t done in real life then he would be using third person pronouns.

6- What would be a dream job for yourself that you can design?

This is a one tricky question to ask. It will differentiate out the lazy ones from the passionate and hardworking candidates. If the person sitting across the desk goes for an easy job be alert that he is not the right person to get hired. And also if he goes for designing a space station although he is just a graduate even then he is not feasible to hire.

7-  What set of strengths/ weaknesses do you possess?

Everybody possess a certain set of strength and weaknesses. This question will highlights these features of candidate. If he is just concentrating on telling his strengths, it means that he is not being truthful. If he kept a balance between these two things then your job is to analyze that whether with these weaknesses can you give him a chance to work for you or not without risking the output of your company.

8: How do you structure your time?

Time is money. If someone is wasting time in his professional life he won’t be getting any success in his life. Another important interview question to ask is that how do you structure your time? A professional worker always planned about his time to perform all the activities whether they are professional or social. This will gives you an idea about the professionalism of the candidate.

9: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years or so?

Future planning is one of the important features of a professional worker. This question will give you a hint that where he see himself in next few years on the basis of his performance. If you are hiring for a management trainee and he answers that in few years he seems himself as a CEO of that company than surely he is a daydreamer.

10- What can you do for our organization that no one else can do?

This question will give you the idea of uniqueness of the candidate. Professional workers are the assets of an organization. Also they are the one which defines your organizations. This question will gives you an hint that whether the person answering your question is capable enough to be an asset to your company or not? And does the hiring him will prove to be beneficial for your company or not?